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Love conquers all ...
hey stitches - are you Jewish?
i know right ... interestingly his location is South Africa
Not a fan of the shadow stripe. May keep the pronounced stripe if the stripes are more gray than blue - else I'd really pass up on both.My 0.02
Moo - the ties in 2 and 8 could raise folks from the dead. Lol Spoo - great post. Your development is there for all to see. Holdfast - I am having a bonfire party tonight. Please send me that tie
thanks for the feedback Moo, Manton, SB, CG, NOBD et al (sorry if i forgot someone). the mustardy camel jacket is actually a suit - one of my first forays into MTM. the swatch and final product were so disparate but i hanged on to it for a while. it is now being enjoyed by another owner. Manton - please educate me on the dotted p/s hate. i had no knowledge of this.
New Posts  All Forums: