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i noticed no one commented so i'll offer some humble feedback:1. Black suits should be reserved for funerals or formal evening wear. Funerals only really; as a tux would look better for formal evening wear2. The fancy socks should be kept for extremely casual wear ... jeans/chukkas etc. if you are wearing a suit and want to wear fun socks, where something with extremely muted colors yet patterns. will still be fun, but not garishly out of place like these are now.3. The...
One of your few misses TTO. Too much going on ... and the color saturation between the tie and suit in particular throws it off IMHO.
jokes ... lol
sigh ... out
wow - you guys are interesting.
brown linen S/C and jeans is a no go for casual wear?come on L!!
Been a while ...
i don't necessarily think tight or baggy equals good fit.
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