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Peep the screen name
Its been a while ... X-Post from WAYWRN ... Manton avert your eyes at my square ... lol
Its been a while ... Random pic from my recent trip to HKG and CHI
NYR - a darker pair of pants would have absolutely crushed this. as it is, its washed up with the jacketVictor - i think the lapels of your jacket, shape of patch pockets and pick stitching could use some work. I think if you worked on those with your tailor, your ish would be absolutely next level since you already got color, pattern and accessorizing nailed
Rico - i think there is too much going on there. Maybe if you had on say an linen suit, i could see it toning this down a bit, but just with the shirt and tie alone ... its a lot to take in. If its with a navy suit, i'd say a solid colored tie (brown with some texture) would also look a lot better for starters. That shirt is pretty loud, so with the tie it takes it over the top.Also, i think u need to host your pics on a site like photobucket or such, and then post the...
I believe that is part of a suit; i cannot see CN commissioning a striped or self striped s/c. Also i dont even know how you are able to critique the "front" in that picture from a fitting.
Ed, your reactions are almost always priceless. i wonder how you'll react to far worse atrocities in life.
i like slippers ... and i like stuff made out of camo ... but the two to the right are just bad (meaning everything except the camo DB, which is pretty nice).the one in the middle is the most atrocious. the one on the left has minute repeating patterns, so in the right fit i can see it working.the tie and p/s are pretty bad ... i don't care who makes them.again this is the peacock thread - not the i failed at CBD with outrageous choices thread. too much trash being posted...
i noticed no one commented so i'll offer some humble feedback:1. Black suits should be reserved for funerals or formal evening wear. Funerals only really; as a tux would look better for formal evening wear2. The fancy socks should be kept for extremely casual wear ... jeans/chukkas etc. if you are wearing a suit and want to wear fun socks, where something with extremely muted colors yet patterns. will still be fun, but not garishly out of place like these are now.3. The...
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