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Up for sale is a brand new Crockett & Jones Hallam in a UK 9F, which transfers to about a US 10. This is a factory second from the Crockett & Jones factory store in Northampton. I picked these up during my trip to London last month. They are on the 348 last and were sold for 180 pounds. I am selling them for 325 to account for cost price, the train up to Northampton and a little something for time spent. . Since this is SF, i do not need to say much about Crockett &...
yeah darker shoes would have been better - and the drape of your pants needs some help too.
stitches - that is a summer tie - would look better with a cotton khaki suit or a navy linen suit.
Been a while ... Dont remember if i posted this before ... apologies if i did ...
Victor is this a new jacket? I see some changes from this and your older jackets, particularly in the lapels and collar. Just wondering.
Chocosa - you've been putting together some really nice fits. Well played. Sorry couldn't use the thumbs up feature on the iPad.
Your fit would be significantly better if you enhanced the drape of your pants. I **think** you are slightly bowlegged, but do not account for this, or account for it appropriately in your trousers. Those creases in the inner part of the trousers are evident on almost every pair of pants you post.Also, it would work better if you chose what direction you want to go with the taper/length of your pants. Sharp tapered pants can afford to be a tad shorter (ie the #menswear...
The top and bottom of your outfit is extremely discordant. I'd have gone for a different jacket to better blend with the pants ... or a different pair of pants to better anchor the jacket.
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