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i think it looks great as is. sometimes we over criticize on WAYWRN. Not a personal attack JA ... i think sometimes the nitpicking gets TOO next level. This is a REALLY well put together outfit.
My guess was wrong. I was thinking woe's line from the lining. Great job Ed.Spoo ... a little more allowance in the shoulders and chest would be great. Other than that, i think it looks dashing,
Long time no post ...
the lining in Spoo's coat definitely tips the hand to the maker ... i think.
congratulations Wale ... The squares look fabulous and i'll definitely pick up a few. good luck with the venture!!
Back in the US of A ...
some great outfits the last few pages gents!!
Congratulations on the wedding SVB. Congratulations to Citan also for his residency. Big life milestones.
that can't be real life ...
What up T ... how've you been? How's the biz going?You far too kind bruv.
New Posts  All Forums: