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It's been a while ... Full shot ... One of the few non-rainy days in Atlanta this summer (smh!!)
UC - this seems to be your best fitting suit by a mile. really nice shoulders and chest fit. Do you have other models of the same from PS?
Been a while ... Saturday wedding: Long Wednesday:
generally nice outfit, but please dont dress for SF approval. learn from here and wear what you feel good in, using the concepts you learn.The theorem of Acrid's noob cycle dictates that if you dress to SF approval, your wife is likely to sleep with a fireman ... which is no bueno.
i think it looks great as is. sometimes we over criticize on WAYWRN. Not a personal attack JA ... i think sometimes the nitpicking gets TOO next level. This is a REALLY well put together outfit.
My guess was wrong. I was thinking woe's line from the lining. Great job Ed.Spoo ... a little more allowance in the shoulders and chest would be great. Other than that, i think it looks dashing,
Long time no post ...
the lining in Spoo's coat definitely tips the hand to the maker ... i think.
congratulations Wale ... The squares look fabulous and i'll definitely pick up a few. good luck with the venture!!
Back in the US of A ...
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