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That's what a first post should look like!!
The shoulders on both of those don't fit great UC - especially the first one. I would have considered either having the shoulders re-cut if i trusted the tailor ... or not doing anything to them at all and letting them go. Not a fan of the 3 button rendition on the second one. As it stands now they fit decent in the body, but overall it may not be worth the money spent in my eye. I have had to go through that iteration many times and have learnt to just let stuff go if its...
131 pages on a thread ... naah i'll pass
Bro - i cannot compute ... lol.
Back to Back ...
let the dawg roam//and he'll find his way home//thank you holmes!!not Canali - it's bespoke
Been a while ...
bro - from your username, i take it you are Ghanaian/with Ghanaian ancestry. I'm a Ghanaian too and this place has been great for learning. There is a lot to learn here. i can guarantee you will become a better dresser if you stick around with the right attitude.More is less in most instances and it takes a while to hit that sweet spot. In some cases, you may be getting "great" feedback from those around you who don't know better (the facebook likes, the instagram loves,...
lol ... wide brim up in this B!!!
here to help ... lol.
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