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Summer summer summer summertime
WIWT WIW Tuesday
Couple from the last week: and in the spirit of the Friday challenge ... one from a couple weeks ago
hai guyz ... been forever ... some old faces and some new faces. enjoying catching up
It's been a while. Hope everyone is well ... My goal is to get through these 6161 posts over the next two snow days here in the A
Hey UC - i'm in Europe till the morning of the 22nd ... here in London now; a quick jaunt to Paris and back to London till the 22nd. Let me know if you are in either location before the eve of the 21st and we might be able to get together with Kent Wang, Barims and maybe some of the other UKers.
Dim Sum in London .. met up with Barims and Kent Wang later
Been a while ... shirt is a light blue graph check ...
can someone post some pics - preferably in classic menswear
Terror's suit does not deserve spoilers ... lol
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