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Just as the title says, looking to buy a pair of FH F380 in a size 30... preferably 32 hem or longer. Price dependent on condition. PM me if you're looking to sell
Just bought this from Epaulet but it was too small. Looking to trade for a medium or will sell for $100 (shipping included). No wears and tag still attached. Pit to Pit: 18.5" Shoulder: 17.5" Length: 29.5" Pictures are from Epaulet website
were they soaked before hemming?
Oak St loafers in a size 8, navy blue. Bought off the forum about a year ago and wore them sparingly. Good condition. Ship from Canada to anywhere in NA.
Pretty much brand new. Wore them twice and they don't fit now as I started cycling again. Style 013011. Also willing to accept trades for something looser fitting in a 29/30 (depending on measurements) Tagged size 30. Actual measurements W: 14.5 R: 9.5 T: 10.5 K: 7 LO: 7 I: 35.5 Price includes shipping anywhere in NA
Had the crepe sole removed and cristy put on. Work isn't the greatest as the pics will show. They are 8.5 but I found they fit snug (too snug which is why I am getting rid of them) after the switch. They measure just a bit under 10.5 in the insole. The width measured 5" in from the toe is 3.5" Outsole is 11.5"
Three pairs of the Rivet Chinos...all size 30. Navy Canvas SOLD Gunmetal Canvas SOLD Olive Drab SOLD All have been cold washed and hung to dry and have shrunk a bit. I'm also willing to trade for Epaulet chinos in a size 31 (anything but khaki as I already own a pair in that colour) Price includes shipping to anywhere in NA. Measurements for all pairs below W: 15" R: 10.5" T: 11" K: 7.5 H: 7.25" I: 33"
No since a wi-fi only iPad isn't capable of connecting to a 3G/LTE network...can only connect to wi-fi networks
Yeah would say it fits tts...i'm 5'8" 155ish and it's good, a little snug when layering but nothing crazy
The alternative to flash black is basically ssh into the apple tv and install the add-ons yourself. Process goes like this Free method 1. Jailbreak with Seas0nPass 2. Install nitoTV through ssh (google it) 3. Once nitoTV is installed, install XBMC from NitoTV menu 4. Find add-ons (a simple google search for ATV2 XBMC add-ons will give you tons of results but some of my personal favs are Navi-X, Icefilms, Free Cable, Canada on Demand, SportsDevil, Veetle, Crackle, etc) 5....
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