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Some stores aren't doing 40% off; just final sale (30% off).
You guys mean wtf in regards to Micah getting sent home? Or wtf as in that whole judges' table at the end was a joke?
Thanks for the input. I passed on it. Definitely agree with you that the fit felt off.Seeking other suits in the $400-500 range. Next trial is SuitSupply.
Some better pics of the J. Crew suit. A 36S would've been perfect, but this is the remaining suit in-store (36R). Thoughts? Thanks.
EG Workaday Utility Jacket - awesome piece:What Lendo^ said, who I believe, posted a fit with one on.
I'm a big supporter of EG FW stuff. This SS13 season may very well be my first foray into copping SS jawnz. I'll be waiting for the paisley suit.
Fix up the fit, this should be good to go. Like an above poster said, I'll keep an eye on this.
I really wanted a Soutain Collar Jacket/Mac for the upcoming spring weather, but that $100 Soutain Collar Jacket is laughably bad. Material is ridiculously thin. Wait until heavy discounts.
I cuffed the pants in the picture above; they're actually 2-3 inches longer than shown.Come to think of it, the jacket was definitely a bit long, which is why I needed a second opinion.Guess that's a no.
Looking for opinions on this J. Crew suit, wondering if I should buy. Notes: - First suit jacket that actually covers my ass - Jacket size: 36R / pants: 30x30 - Was in a rush to take pictures; sleeves are a bit longer irl. Can be shortened. - I cuffed the pants to see how they would look post-hem. Thanks!
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