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Did you wind up selling these boots?
Strange question perhaps, but I work in marketing and want to get my team some shirts with an embroidered logo - but the spendthrift in me thinks that sites like vistaprint and customink just overprice crappy quality clothes because they can. Anyone know where I can buy really good quality, plain polo shirts with a nice GSM / cotton quality? Thanks!
Sorry for the delay.. these are still available - I'll keep them up for a week before I put them on eBay.
Slightly worn, less than 15 times and never washed or wet. Super heavy, high quality denim for $200 OBO. Photo album here:,4U87F8V,QTha4Ox Trades welcome for denim with 18" waist 34-35 or some brogue boots. Size: 33 Waist - 16.5 Thigh - 12.25 Knee - 9.25 Leg opening - 8.5 Front rise - 11 Back rise - 12
It's so hit or miss with FnO.. I too have about $140 I need to spend before I get out. If I don't like a boatload of stuff I plan on ordering next month, it's all going into my Christmas shopping, socks and boxers for everyone!
I got this Belstaff jacket some time back off eBay but I have no idea what year it's from - and I'm trying to figure out if it's from before or after they got bought by Labelux Group. Any ideas? (p.s. sorry for the sh!t photo! going to take some with the real camera later)
Thanks pleco - here are some more details. Not sure if it was exclusive in anyway to the Irish shops - it's a chunky wool knit sweater in brown with a shawl neck collar and toggle clasp. They are Marks & Spencer brand "Heritage Collection", folded up with a purple tape to bundle them up. I looked online, but they just don't seem to have it up.
Just wondering if anyone might help a brudda out? I was recently over visiting family in Dublin and saw a sweater I loved at Marks & Spencer's but we were only in Ireland for a short time and the holiday madness meant I didn't have time to find a sweater in the right size. Can anyone help out? I can't find the item on their web shop - but I saw it at Dundrum shopping center just last week.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reborn Because you have to hang out with drunks all day everyday. It is terrible. obvious enough but some of them are funny anddd some of them are chicks..
Quote: Originally Posted by DerekS I have 3 friends who own bars in nashville. They all do VERY well....but one owns a dozen bars in the southeast, and one owns a bar thats quite famous in nashville, and the other is broke. Personally, I wouldnt do it. I managed one for a brief time....its a total pain in the ass and makes you hate people. willing to give the top reasons why?
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