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Elena Dawson Long blazer in 80% Wool and 20% Cashmere. Simply stunning.
My Archivio J M Ribot (AJMR) pieces arrived and I am super happy! Simple, elegant designs and neat touches throughout. Excellent fabrics and construction. It's no wonder that the first collection was picked up by Hostem, If Soho, Layers London, L'Eclaireur and Lift Tokyo to name a few. As was mentioned earlier, even the inside linings and buttons are exquisite. A lot come from 1930's or so. The coat in 100% wool has a nice relaxed fit without looking oversized or bulky....
AJMR sweater. 70% Cashmere, 30% Silk. Antique English buttons. Looks boss! Available at this shop: https://www.instagram.com/openshopwoodlawn/
/\ 8 September 2016.
Anyone going to attend the opening of L'Eclaireur in LA?
Araki Yuu shoes (credit to OP on IG):
The collection is already in some stores. The crash design is not just on the seam; but on the denim fly also.
I wait till I see I collections in person, then come to conclusions or aesthetic comparisons (if any). And it's nice to read about the designer's vision and craft; LeParadox does a good job there.
It's not about the cost. Let's talk about what can be better for this niche. What is the way forward? What can be the next evolution or revolution?While I have been praising Layer-0 for years (and not just for their shoes), I do not consider them to be 'after' M_Moria.For years, many tried, but none could beat the original C. Diem pieces (IS, MA+, etc). But now, Altieri has shown the way. M_moria makes them all look and feel inferior in every way, including the designs. If...
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