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It's not one piece. On the inside you can see the hand written markings/numbers on the individual pieces. Not sure now, but all the pieces I handled were unlined. Edit: this is what it starts out as: http://gullam.jp/blog/9817.html
I know a someone who moved to Siberia because it is 'warmer' there than where he used to live. [[SPOILER]]
From the m_moria installation:
Wishful thinking, but I hope to see a new collection soon. Maybe 2016....
This was cross-posted on another forum, and someone thought the vest is BBS
Thanks! The hemp material is really really nice. They will be using it next season also.Edit: Noticed the same blazer is on SF's IG: https://instagram.com/p/yEEdAMrEH2/
/\ Thanks! I am really happy with them.The 'Brvise' color has these subtle variations which gives it 'depth'. It is magnificent to look at in any light or from any angle.I have wanted a pair of dark red derbies for a while. The best color I had seen was from the special edition Layer-0 derbies that I handled at Sartorialoft a couple of years ago: [[SPOILER]] And I wasn't sure I would be able to find something as good. A1923 tried, but the L-0s look better to me:...
Patrick Stephan Micro-atelier bag in fabric:Individual Sentiments Long sleeve T-shirt:The sleeves didn't stack as nicely as I had hoped, so I shortened them and much happier with how they fit now.KKA plain black T-Shirt:Thanks to @nicelynice for sizing advice!Layer-0 blazer in sailing hemp fabric:The material is really amazing. It is marked as black, but has dark blue undertones in it. And it was used for the sails on the Italian ship Amerigo Vespucci before making it's...
My m_moria derbies arrived a few days ago. Custom ordered them in the A0 model in 'Brvise' color.The dark red color is much better IRL.Siblings: [[SPOILER]]
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