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Wool outer, cotton inner, leather glove, wool blend scarf :
CCP boots + IE pants. Had the pants for over 3 years now and love wearing them when the weather is right.
Why thank you! It's just my left hand Jokes apart, its a Paul Harnden blazer over a Individual Sentiments Tee.Gloves are by Johnstons of Eglin.Blurry bits are Layer-0 hemp pants and m_moria a_tre boots.
Closeup/textures. From the left -> Wool-linen, Cotton, Cashmere
Yes. M_Moria, CCP and Layer-0 is my rotation these days.I've seen the patterns, designs, fabrics, process, etc and been given the details behind the line. Vnupersona is unlike anything ever; the patterns are beyond amazing. Beyond that, my lips are sealed Most, if not all, the brands discussed here do (for their women's). I've seen them down to size 36.
The Kudu dual zips I had didn't get any deep scratches. Felt the same as having thick horse leather; stiff at first and then softened. Shape stayed the same; didn't slouch or slant. I attribute that to the treatment of the leather rather an any general characteristic of Kudu.
Classifieds up!
Prices are in USD and include all fees and shipping. Paypal only. Pictures may show them to be blueish/grayish but all footwear is proper black. Everything fits EU 40-41. A1923 Kudu dual zip boots - $400 SOLD Size 41. A1923 Cow derbies - $350 SOLD Size...
/\ Unfortunately not.
Gents, a head-up that I will be listing a few pieces of footwear soon on SF classifieds, all for low prices. Think $300-400 for A1923, Guidi and IS. All to fit 40-41. PM me if you want first dibs.
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