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The vegetable tanned black leather stuff I have (boots, jacket) have a much beautiful color when compared to others, and the leather looks better as it ages. Tends to be shiny to begin with, but dulls and gets more depth after being worn. But if I wear them in the rain, it tends to leave white marks on the parts where the water hit and dried, almost like an outline of the spots where it got soakedGood news is simply wiping the stains get rid of it.Would be nice to hear...
Echoing eton97.I sized up 1, and there is a little room on the waist. Thighs run slim and fit perfectly when sized up. Regular size was too tight all over.FWIW, they are slightly higher waisted compared to LUC, IE, etc.
Latest L-0 from PNP:
/\ Pics are from the showroom presentation for AW13.
/\ Wear one of each as a pair?A whole new level.... [[SPOILER]]
Never had any of mine show rust; even after wearing them in the rain without the protective rubber solesDepends on the leather, but most Guidi are soft to begin with, and they stretch and loosen a fair bit.All my transactions/interactions with PNP have been great. A great store with great customer service.... can't beat that!
/\/\ The are the horse single zips, no scarring.
Those are horse, not kudu.
/\ Which leather are you getting the SS14 double zip ones in?
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