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Throwing an interest check out here for a BNWT pair of Layer-0 jeans from SS14. As much as I try to convince myself otherwise, they are big on me. Perfect for a EU 48. No VAT when buying from me! Same as these: http://pnp-firenze.com/wp/product/layer-0-5-pocket-denim-pants-2/ Anyone wants a great deal, PM me.
Some close ups:
Seriously!?! Any size 40/41 available in the back laces?
/\ Indeed. Material is RAR-EDGE/1 (100% Ramie).
Old photos of CCP's workshop. Translation provided by @einfallsloserName123 Space and time While it's genesis, in the studio the scenic designs for the Milan La Scala were painted. Today, the big loft, only seperated by shelves, has to fulfill countless functions, it is a showroom, workspace and warehouse all in one. In the foreground: The inner life of a Carol-Christian-Poell sport coat. Narrow silhouette There aren't any photographs of Carol Christian Poell. Who...
The thread for discussing everything CAROL CHRISTIAN POELL
Thank you (and all others)!Yes, the cross-front blouson is VERY similar to this. Do you have it in one of the self-edge fabrics?I went TTS on this piece. It is quite snug in the shoulders/armhole area, but because it is fabric (not leather) there is ease of movement. Not uncomfortable in any way! The body and sleeves are cut shorter and the fit is slightly 'boxy', a size bigger would have not fit right. Compared with the size 46 cross front blouson (OM/2563) I have tried,...
Here are some quick pics: JM/2254 LAICO/10 - FENCING JACKET (58% Cotton 42% Wool) The sleeve buttons are the same as the ones on the fly of the dead-end jeans.
/\ Not yet; I wish CCP special orders worked that quickly! This one is the fencing jacket, in black LAICO fabric (58% Cotton, 42% Wool). Fit is bloody perfect for me! Beautiful overlock stitching, slim fitting with high armholes, gorgeous lining, all the regular CCP details.
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