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/\ It's not at a store. It's at CIFF (http://ciff.dk/) Also: https://www.instagram.com/marvie_lab/
Anyone in Copenhagen who can check this out?
I think I'll stick with more recent stuff from CCP... Fencing jacket + gloves:
A good friend and an awesome guy. Showing his first collection this PFW.
/\ Damn. Don't see those around a lot.
Yup, March for L0.
The new cut is done to have a single piece of fabric on the legs. The fit will be the same as the current 5P style; no drop crotch, etc. But, let's see when they are finally delivered.
Mr. Altieri told me he doesn't set the final price. In fact, he does not want them selling at that price.
Not sure where you heard this, but this is not true.
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