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Ahem.I actually sent mine back today; color didn't work for me. It was more greenish which the photos don't show. But they design is fantastic and the fit was perfect for me!
/\/\ Same zips as Layer-0? Cool! The A1923 leather jacket's shoulder construction looks more like CCP's cross-front blouson than the high-neck leather jacket. High-neck leather jacket: Cross front blouson:
Lampo (not Lambo) zippers
/\ From earlier in the thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/387599/carol-christian-poell/0_100#post_7205932
SS15 Layer-0 has some good options for linen pants.
/\ Not mine. They are from IG.
A video I enjoyed watching. It is from the 1930s:
The heel is quite soft and wears down quickly; MA+ (sometimes) ships with replacements:
@in stitches looking good!
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