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You pull the laces up at each level until the lace is not visible or the shoe is tight enough. Doesn't take much time to do or undo.
Does anyone have any recommendations for a space in NYC for a showing of one's work? A gallery or studio that is not crazy $$$? A place that can be rented for a few days will be ideal.
@newp M_moria can be repaired as needed. If your cobbler cannot fix it (any good one should be able to re-glue), I recommend contacting DSM and working with them.
This is only in the photo. My B last has the nails going across.
The ones I got can be worn without suspenders. Mine didn't come with the suspenders as I didn't want to wear them that way.
/\ I got them in my regular CCP size. I can wear them without the insoles they come with as they are narrower.
Three different lasts:
CCP tall one-piece boots. Hardly ever see these around. [[SPOILER]]
Elena Dawson Long blazer in 80% Wool and 20% Cashmere. Simply stunning.
My Archivio J M Ribot (AJMR) pieces arrived and I am super happy! Simple, elegant designs and neat touches throughout. Excellent fabrics and construction. It's no wonder that the first collection was picked up by Hostem, If Soho, Layers London, L'Eclaireur and Lift Tokyo to name a few. As was mentioned earlier, even the inside linings and buttons are exquisite. A lot come from 1930's or so. The coat in 100% wool has a nice relaxed fit without looking oversized or bulky....
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