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/\ very different fabrics.
The fabric is from the sails of the famous Italian ship: The Amerigo Vespucci.
Layer-0 sail hemp pants in 5P style. Finally
IC on this blazer. BNWT, only tried on at home. Material is WIM/10 (100% Pure New Wool). [[SPOILER]]
Nothing much in the way of the brands discussed here. But Likelihood, Jack Straw, Baby & Co., Totokaelo and Blue Owl come to mind.Walk around Ballard Ave if you have time. Lots to see and do there.
Re PH in lighter fabrics/colors, it's simply a matter of being able to pull it off, like so:
Rust in Italian is 'Ruggine'. Using V for U comes from Latin. Capitalize all consonants and viola!
No idea about color code; but it is simply stunning in person. Yes, it is the GY welt.
IMO, ROOMS makes for an excellent Spring/Summer weight jacket; especially like the scar-stitch in it. ROOLS is a bit thin for my liking, but if lived someplace like LA then I'd get it.
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