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/\ Pictures will be great! Guidi's look much better after a lot of wear. Some AW14-15 L-0:
/\ I own the same Devoa coat style (in the 100% linen material) and it is not as rumbly IRL; had it for almost 1.5 years now. The picture above makes it looks very different than how it fits as it looks too big on the model.The body/torso is very clean; the sleeves stack a bit (maybe too much for some) but you can get them shortened a bit.Edit: [[SPOILER]]
From the picture, it looks like the leather has torn near the welt. A cobbler should be able to glue it back. If that won't work, then the fix is to re-welt the whole boot (sucks I know).
The height of the 988S I have is 21 cms. Add 3 cms more for the heel.
/\ You are wrong. The eggplant is new for AW14-15.
Some AW14-15 Layer-0: Alessio always has interesting color choices. Wonder what is coming for SS15....
From H. Lorenzo:
MA+ AW14 Staple Boots with the extended lining:
S21M Size 42: http://www.ebay.com/itm/231317001164
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