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If anyone is looking to buy from PNP, I have some credit (€275) and would appreciate it being freed up. PM me and we can take it from there!
I doubt Altieri is in it for the money.Also, contrary to earlier information, special orders may still be possible with m_moriabc. So if you have thousands burning a hole in your pocket....Anyways, MA+ Tall staple boots. Would prefer these without the new extended sock lining in a smooth leather:
'Norwegian welt' IIRC.
Some m_moriabc:
/\ They are from Hotoveli's website.
/\ LOL.
Some pics of the latest (and final) models of M_Moria. SImply put, they are amongst the most beautiful pieces of footwear I have ever seen. As you will notice, the shape is a lot sleeker than prior models. The 5 eyelet derby looks a lot like the old C. Diem S45M. Each one is gorgeous in it's own way and I can't stop admiring them. My favorite are the tall boots; if they had a pair that was full black (not with hints of brown), they would be on their way to me right...
Yes, that sounds too steep.
@sepp, have a look at Patrick Stephan bags. Not sure what they have in their latest collection, but their stuff is of great quality (all made in Japan). I bought a couple of his bags (in soft horse leather) a few years ago and am extremely happy with them. One of them is my messenger for daily use.
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