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/\ You didn't block me? LOL!My post wasn't about any particular piece of footwear or tastes at any one point in time.If the intent was not clear, go read the last paragraph in the link and see how nothing has changed.And keep your advice to yourself. You resorted to (petty) insults; stating your posts are mostly garbage isn't an insult, it is a fact.
But only you deserve it 100%.Remember this post? Amazing how true it holds even after so long:http://www.styleforum.net/t/248835/the-official-streetwear-baller-boot-shoe-thread-700usd-min/4900_100#post_5933499
I don't give a shit what you appreciate. You are nothing more than a cancer to this thread, constantly posting garbage and wrong information.
@skeen7908, Holger can help you out with everything. As for the leathers, there is only one choice: Horween Shell Cordovan.
Docdocgs, the ones I have don't have a lot of brown IRL. The 'blood' color is more of a red-brown mix.Eck good call on LiviDo. IIRC, this is the same as 'brvise', the color I got for my derbies.Keep in mind that since this is all hand painted and finished, the colors will never be exactly the same.
LOL! My memory is not failing me, unlike yours. There were lot of delays and unpredictability in deliveries in other years (before and after 2012) also.Why are you posting garbage facts and statements?
The name change to A1923 happened before 2012, so they could not be from 2012. And what is the source for the statement that A1923 had production problems and staff turnover that year?
The Kudu leather on the dual zips I have is quite thick and 100% smooth. No reversing. They were very stiff when I first got them but now are much softer; have worn them for over two years now. But not slouchy at all; the shape/folds have stayed the same. Color has also gotten more matte with wear. I've seen the A1923 lace boots in Kudu and those were like how flowcharts described them.
CCP at Atelier: https://instagram.com/p/2uBKe6LQs4/?taken-by=atelierny
Edit: They are the 'egg plant' color. KeRa is a different color.
New Posts  All Forums: