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Can't do that, might as well give his address!Here is another one I tried that was good: http://www.salumeriaroscioli.com/And an awesome gelateria: http://www.gelateriadeigracchi.it/
I met with Maurizio Altieri last week at his house and spent a few hours there. We talked a bit about the m_moria line and they are really a sight to behold when viewed all together. His obsession and attention to detail for every shoe (not just the model) is amazing. He sees so many parameters that one would miss and is always thinking of how to make them better, even if slightly. I also saw his prototypes, new heel designs, concepts and new leather options. We even...
UBEL/9 (100% cotton).
Was sunny in Seattle and got to wear this. Thought I'd share a fabric pic.
Ha ha! That was a fun movie...Incase anyone is interested, I have done this by taking a tennis ball, wrapping it in a sock and putting it in the instep. You can use more socks to increase the width as needed. Left it in the boots for a few days and voila! To help with the stretch, you can spray some boot stretching fluid (yes, there is such a thing) on the inside of the shoe before putting the ball in.It worked on my C. Diems, and for others that I have mentioned this to.
Archival pieces:
Maybe @wormwood can provide some info?
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