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Dead-end jeans size 50: http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/156464-fs-ccp-dead-end-jeans-sz-50-kit-d10/
/\ Lift and PNP received some stock earlier this year. Lift had the dead-ends jean in black and spiral jeans in khaki. PNP: http://www.pnp-firenze.blogspot.com/2014/02/carol-christian-poell-ss14-overlock-one.html They all sold out in very quickly....
Deepti Barth (ex CCP) had her debut collection: http://leparadox.com/en/mens-fashion/d-e-e-p-t-i-014-015 Interesting to see the use of silver coated yarns and felted seams.
Really like the color of the ones on the right.
(X-Post from the CCP thread) Received my order for Poell's classic belt. Awesome piece, but unfortunately too big for me:
Received my order for the classic belt. Awesome piece, but unfortunately too big for me:
The cut is different depending on the material. Also, they are fully lined, so the fit is slightly 'slimmer' than the measurements indicate.
Up for grabs is a BNWT Carol Christian Poell Classic belt. AM/2226 BELPIB-PCC/010 (Object tanned) Color is Black. Size marked is 48. This was a pre-order and I had to wait months for it. It will work best for size EU 48-50 since the length can be adjusted. Lovely piece; unfortunately, it is too big for me. Price is $495 (all inclusive). The original rice bag is included.
/\ IE pants are talked about in general. The most common style (the one above) comes in many different fabrics.
From the Archive's blog:
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