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From the Archive's blog:
Those eggplant derbies look much better without the flash.
/\ I have the exact opposite feeling about Harnden and GBS; like the way GBS fits me much better. Which pieces from GBS have you tried? I have one of his wool coats (will try to find the pic from RP) that gets a lot of wear in AW. Edit: Link to coat pics: http://www.styleforum.net/t/164746/recent-purchases-part-ii/34500_100#post_6241239
Yes, I just wanted to clear that up. Your original comment made it sound like they are not practical due to possibly a comfort or some other factor.@nicelynice, have you had a chance to check out any GBS stuff in Japan? I find his work to be a lot better than Harnden and almost as hard to obtain.
So because you don't want that look, it's not practical?
What is not practical about them? I've seen plenty of people wearing them.
Individual Sentiments cow leather bag. [[SPOILER]] Ashland's Johnny the Fox wallet in Black Shell Cordovan:
You realize the difference when you handle the leather. The depth of the colors, the feel of the hide, durability; everything is fantastic. Though I am not sure if they classify as a 'small' tannery. Here's an old video:
I envy @nicelynice (or anyone else in that position) who has the luxury of being able to go to different stores, try on stuff and make a purchase. I have almost forgotten what that feels like.
Why thank you!Where did you try them? Lift? Shelter?
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