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The intersection may be small, but it is very active.A lot of stores sell out of many pieces/styles before the stock gets to them. And pre/special orders are a big part of their business too.
One more:
The LAICO pants are exactly how t3hg0suazn describes them. Really like them! I am actually enjoying the ROR-EDGE coat more. Just wondering how it will fade over time.
Footwear by Mr. GBS:
/\ They have in the past used Goodyear welting. Not sure about the current models.
There are quite a few stores that carry Guidi in Tokyo. Try Lift? Anyways, Layer-0 SS15 derbies:
Partial X-Post: A couple of recent pickups: CCP Breadstick trousersPM/2414 LAICO/10 (cotton + wool). The material is no longer available (maybe it will come back). Got them at Lift a couple of weeks ago. Really happy with the fit! CCP high-neck short coat. OM/2553B ROR-EDGE/10 (ramie + wool). Color IRL is a blend of black, navy blue and dark gray (not the same as the pics). This was a special order and took about 9 months. Well worth the wait! Special thanks to...
The Viridi-Anne down jacket. I got the 100% nylon shell version:IS T-shirt (same style as pictured) in 100% cotton:LUC Pants in a cotton + linen blend fabric: [[SPOILER]] CCP Breadstick trousers in LAICO (cotton + wool): [[SPOILER]] CCP high-neck short coat.Fabric is ROR-EDGE (ramie + wool blend). Color IRL is a blend of black, navy blue and dark gray. [[SPOILER]]
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