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Yes, that sounds too steep.
@sepp, have a look at Patrick Stephan bags. Not sure what they have in their latest collection, but their stuff is of great quality (all made in Japan). I bought a couple of his bags (in soft horse leather) a few years ago and am extremely happy with them. One of them is my messenger for daily use.
Courtesy of Hide-m:Also, a pic of mine from earlier this year: [[SPOILER]]
Continuing with the white theme:
Almost... let's see what is there is in my size.
/\ That sizing conversion applies to coats and tops. For pants, EU 46=US 30, 48 = 32 and so on.
I have a pair of unlined IE pants in 100% selvedge cotton. Fabric isn't rough at all. Really like wearing them! [[SPOILER]]
What are folks pairing their footwear with these days? Outerwear and pants wise?
@ClambakeSkate, yes the bottom pic is of the spirals. And I get what you are saying, thought I think it will be OK as MA+ tends to crease more on the instep and below. @psydle, they are the LUC military bread bag trousers. Fantastic stuff! Available at Hide-M.
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