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Hi. I'm looking for a new body wash and am wondering what is the best body wash for men?
Are these brands of jeans high-end or low-end? -Diesel -7 For All Mankind -Rock and Republic -True Religion -Real Japan Blues
Also, I have a quick question that I have googled, but have gotten mixed answers on. Under any circumstances whatsoever, should grown men wear any kind of shorts? (Cargo, Jean, Mesh, etc)
I am not intending to troll in any way, shape or form. Forgive me as I am new to this forum and don't know the ettiquette, so to speak. But in all honesty, I am just trying to gather an unbiased general opinion on a shirt that I am looking at purchasing. What are your thoughts on this shirt? Nice shirt or would it make me look like a farmer?
Quote: Originally Posted by buyer's remorse that's a good way to keep track of all your multiple accounts. classyguy1 classyguy2 classyguy3 classyguy4 I didn't give much thought to a user name. I just came up with something on the fly. Look, I'm sorry if you people have already determined that you hate my guts, but I'm really not out to ruffle any feathers. I'm really not. I just thought I would get some friendly reccomendations on a...
Quote: Originally Posted by aqhong What? I'm seriously not intending to troll. I'm sorry if that was a stupid question, but I'm new here and I was seriously looking for an answer as to how good the quality of Rock and Republic & True Religion jeans are.
Also, just wanted to get some opinions on a couple of brands of jeans I've been thinking of trying out. The first one is Rock and Republic and the second is True Religion. Has anyone tried these jeans and are they good? not your cup of tea? so-so?
Does any guy under the age of 35 wear Levi's jeans anymore or are Levi's soooo 1990?
I'm looking for some trendy, short sleeve-only, plaid shirts for this summer. Can anyone reccommend any good ones that I can buy online?
Does anyone happen to recognize the designer/brand of this blue plaid shirt? (Yes, I know that's WWE Superstar Edge wearing it...tell me something I don't I have been desperately trying to figure out who the designer or brand is, but can't read the logo. Please let me know. Thanks.
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