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I saw a proper picture of OP in SW+D in one of the threads - he's no Brad Pitt, but he looks totally normal. Also, he doesn't appear that short.
I went to Jungsikdang (in Seoul, not Tribeca) - it was actually quite good. Not world-class, but for Seoul, on a different echelon. Rather impressive. I'd go again just to see the ever changing menu (was also set up like EMP's old grid menu but with more descriptors and humility)
Went to the museum of western art in Ueno recently, done by le Corbusier - it too was functional, at best. A bit of a letdown.
ours will be more women-sized than those...
I had the usual tonight. California rolls and a bottle of 2007 Conti.
Would not be surprised if you subbed the usual fountain Pepsi for a magnum of vintage burg.
Wine of a king. Food of a peasant.
yes, but one way zippers only.
I should sell tickets
had a good day at work today. Maybe opened up a third and fourth production facility for leathers so that I can expand the line without hurting lead time (new styles) - which means I might get more serious about making a proper line of leathers for the ladies and female friends in your lives. I would really like to do some purpose-made women's leathers. More work tomorrow.
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