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yeah tbh I find light colored leather jackets not so good. pure white would be the worst. ivory isn't much better. Please don't order these things when you have far more awesome choices available to you.
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no. God does not want people to wear ivory/white leathers. Black leather was made for a reason. Because it's fucking awesome.
no, not at all. You will get an error code and all planes will fall from the sky from interference, killing tens of thousands instantly.
Update: bought 3 packs
All my jeans have it. Sometimes I even carry two iPhones, and I've had other phones in the same Jeans since they're 5 years old - key is to start the lap fades without your phone because the phone will prevent one side from creasing properly. After the fading starts you can go back to putting In your pocket.
FOund out it's totally common, normally used as a vehicle for delivering medicines (Asians love powdered medicines rather than pills) - mybe served open face or something. Never been in the hospital and needed something like that. Anyway, I believe I should be able to get it online.
white leather jackets
it's edible and dissolves quite quickly in liquid. Our favorite hyper-tasting counter dining place in Tribeca uses it in a dish.
Thanks dudes. Mystery solved. I will check to see if the store down the street has any.
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