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Why do you fuckers hate the dots so much? They're fun.
I like the verde inglese 458, but I'd get that car in blu abu dhabi I think. The other day I saw a 599 GTO at a stoplight, don't know if it was Grigio Ingrid or one of the 1950's colors they offered. This was the only snap I got of it:
I am not sure if they prepared the tomato mille feuille to order, or if it was done ahead of time; in any case, mgm's version looks more carefully prepared and better looking than what was served to me at Robuchon, by Joel Robuchon himself - we had a bit of an imperfection with the virgin mary coulis as you can see, and the mille feuille a bit too pressed down;
Azabu Yukimura (3* Japanese home style food, counter dining, plus pike eel specialty) - was less enthused with this meal. It was a little expensive for the materials used, and nothing was particularly superlative. I had this meal the day before Sushi Yoshitake. Yukimura does a subtle amount more entertaining/hosting than is usual for Japanese chefs at this level, but the experience is standard fare. Pike eel preparation requires a license in Japan, like fugu,...
Here is my meal at Sushi Yoshitake (3* sushi) - this was probably the best meal I've ever had in my life. The whole meal was almost musical; a two-part suite with an adagio movement of sashimi dishes that was casual in pace, a one-plate intermezzo of palate cleanser, and then a quicker allegro movement when he began the edomae nigiri portion of the meal, whereby you eat the nigiri much faster so that the rice doesn't cool too much. There is no dessert; instead, some of...
I've tried doing those tomato strips and can't get it without breaking the flesh too much. I had that dish at Robuchon recently and the tomato 'meat' was in quite thick strips too. I was mostly surprised at how densely packed the whole mille feuille was. I have the recipe in a generic french cookbook in Japanese and they specify for the tomato meat to be flattened under saran wrap, and for the whole thing to be built in a diamond shaped form.
been in Japan for a few days and went on a Michelin bender because Seoul has been sucking the life out of me food-wise. Last night was Sushi Yoshitake and i think it changed my life. Everything was beautiful, down to the hand hewn spruce counter and Lobmeyr crystal. i will post some pics when i get back to Seoul this evening.
Dudes, there is no formula or schedule for the lead times. There are so many models and variations, inconsistent ordering paces, and on top of that, people adding unrecommended customizations to jackets that there's no way to pinpoint some sort of schedule for these cutoff orders.
I think the first one is Prada, but the second one may not be Celine, could be something else.
If that is real, it's rare as shit - only 14 made:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ferrari_365
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