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I have the largest aluminum Topas. I find the interior organizers kind of a hassle but they have a function I guess. I have three black Muji hardshell ballistic nylon cases the same size as well, which are honestly better for harder traveling, and they're cheap ($200 or so). The Rimowa's detailing and solid feel are awesome, but if I was flying to America or Europe where they're likely to throw your case around, I'd just use the Mujis. I've done like 50,000 miles on...
I wouldn't be able to translate them well enough. Unlike most Japanese cookbooks, the recipes in this book are rather brief and assume a certain (and rather high) skill level, much like a French cookbook. Some killer knife skills, for sure. Great pictures, though, with nice inspiration for arrangements and colors. couple examples from the book that look fun and probably taste very Japanese-y some sort of homemade tofu in dashi jelly (900ml of dashi to 10g of flake...
bought this book in Japan, it's vegetable kaiseki dishes. Really fantastic. 580 different recipes.
is that ranch dressing?
Since you're used to the per diem meals, you should go courage wolf and get a packable tent, a backpack, some firestarting supplies, and then challenge yourself to both hunt and eat for 10 days. No fishing allowed, straight red meat or fowl.
are we catching feelings over an auxiliary non-hand pocket? seriously? Dude, if it's a life changing thing, we can add the pocket (**** only spicycho's jacket, no one else) if you send back to me
not sure, but surely easier to get a seat a lunch.Speaking of, I went to Bird Land last Friday for dinner. It's not the best yakitori out there but it's still very good, all things considered. Shamo chicken, all myrtle wood bincho, a menu with wine that tries to nudge it towards 'French yakitori' type thing (a lot of places in Japan are like this) chicken liver pate, and a grilled herb roulade thing that was good, grilled mozzarella that was below average. The...
Jacket looks good. Is that a Samoyed?
Those last two are nice cost-performance places
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