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sup y'all.... been cooking. Apparently it takes 14 hours a day, 7 days a week. We gotta cut off orders eventually but they haven't been coming in much lately anyway, it sort of cut itself off naturally. We are jsut letting the last few people in who have late excuses, I guess. We're making the clothes as normal, but there were a lot of orders as you can tell. I think I explained that the relationship between lead time and order date was exponential and not linearly...
I do actually have a proper guest room, but the cooking might be below you. In lieu of Coquet and Bernadaud, we have little tin plates and girls who seem to only have $20 to spend for an evening.
I've been putting in 12-16 hr days of cooking; setting up a mise for you would require 26 hours per day, I think.Already need a night porter to come degrease my kitchen once a week at least, don't know if they exist here. I felt like a small victory was had when I got my first shipment of wild arugula in. I had to ask a japanese chef i know, in japanese and italian, on facebook, but it was so worth it. More to come.
MikeDT, are you really 50 years old? shit. How does the body handle the diet of work animals at that age?
So... I've started a restaurant - or rather, I bought something that was there and we've started it over from scratch. It's been a few weeks so far. It's a tiny 29 seat bar/cafe with a really small open kitchen, and a light cafe feel with teak folding chairs and stuff, with candles and dark lighting at night (which is the only time we're open right now) - we have 2 in-house craft beer taps and 2 guest taps of American microbrew, an edited list of original cocktails, and...
Bird Land is fun but not exceptional yakitori. It's accessible and the wine list is averagely good. Torizenseo in Azabujuban and Tokyo station is better yakitori, plus a better wine list. There's tons of good ones out there.
FF in a weird color combo? depreciation, much? Saw these two today in Seoul, the way I've been seeing GTO's lately you'd think they grow on trees. Also, can cars get any better sounding than this?!?
Kondo was my first serious tempura experience as well, had been putting tempura like that off since I figured what to expect and that I also knew I'd get about halfway through the meal and wish for something not fried. It wasn't bad in that regard in the end, but the other specialty restaurants do so much more, I agree. I don't know if I'll ever make it to 7chome Kyoboshi now, given all the other places to eat at, and especially since they are half or less. I'm already...
Tempura Kondo: 2 star tempura, cheaper end of the spectrum at 8400 yen/head lunch. On the high end of the tempura game, 7Chome Kyoboshi at 3 stars is something like 45,000 yen per head at lunch or dinner, which makes it one of the most expensive meals in Tokyo, so Kondo rates as good cost performance. Tempura is very straightforward and simply delivers ingredients cooked to perfection. The asparagus was revelatory. I had the same large asparagus fried in Kadaif at...
Blu Abu Dhabi is best:
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