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Haven't seen it. What should I be looking at?
I don't even know the story of House of Billiam besides the copycat TOJ0 from awhile back - then I just found out about Clothsurgeon recently. He basically makes MA-1's and other stuff that I've made before and he makes them in all the colors and materials that I wouldn't want to, from what I've gathered.
****** Does not mean 'every single order'
shipped some small things - but big shipping drop is coming Monday
I had a bunch of JR classics recently as well, was introducing a friend to them. Joel was not in the house this time. L'Atelier in HK always seems to run an a la carte menu that is almost entirely classic stuff all the time. The caviar over crustacean jelly is only 40 something dollars down there. Seems a bargain considering how thick they lay the caviar, you can't go and buy that much caviar in a store for ten bucks, for sure.
I only have a few shirts worth of fabric in blue and white. I need to count out the remaining fabric to see if that's even worth doing - the selvedge material meant that the rolls are not as wide as normal and so the yardage needed per shirt is surprisingly large.
No beef. Mr Moo is your garden variety internet troll who has devoted years to winning styleforum. Quality life pursuits, you know.
Why is Mr. Moo posting in this thread more than me? Don't you have some other threads where you can talk about Rick Owens and other edgy designs, dude?
Was gonna stamp all of them gold.
The backpack is durable, I have seen DJ Bento's fly over the world every weekend for gigs as his sole luggage and it looks good every time I meet up with him. Rain? Do cows melt in the rain? It's fine, dude. Just a brushing or whatever is needed if it gets water spots. Lifetime? It will last longer than you will want to wear it.
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