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typical bad boy shit. What's the bill on that?
Guy here with a restaurant down the street DD's a first-gen Cali Spyder like it's a Honda and parks it in front of his shop all day, literally everyday. Even has the ceramics. Red over classic tan hides, Daytona seats, etc, it's decent butI'm surprised how little it stirs people up. It's definitely not a 458. I am halfway between understanding the guy's feelings and not at all. I'm just surprised it handles daily driving apparently like a German car.
$27,000, about 35k mi's on the odo, legally registerable in the US now: http://ucar.carview.yahoo.co.jp/model/bmw/m3/CU0004787621/
E30 M3's are well within legality to import from Europe or Japan now, and maybe even some '89 E34 M5's - why haven't I seen many jumping on this? E30 M3's are all high mileage, multi-owner cars in America going for insane prices now, but you can get some awesomely pristine high-spec dogleg tranny M3's in Japan with like, 30k miles on them for $30k'ish on up.
thank you.. FF - yes, opening a larger gastropub in what might be of the the best locations in the city... perhaps country? really excited as I happened upon the space while out for TOJ work one day and curiosity led me to call the 'to let' sign - price sunk in and it was a really good deal, a woman in my social circles had planned for a restaurant there and then a partner (who was going to engineer the food) bailed on her and so she needed out - so I feel like I slid in...
opening another larger store next month, gonna be busy for some time. After that my only plan to is to keep expanding and making more stores, so yea...
I asked my local Uber friends if I could be the first UberX driver in Seoul, told her I could give the ladies a choice between M3 and M5 pickups. lol. They got some regulatory problems here and can't do UberX.
The FF is too insect-like for my tastes. It's also huge and yet doesn't have a 'wow look at that Ferrari' presence about it. My wagon love has been waning lately. I think it depends on the city where you live, the surrounding cars, the architecture and roads that frame them, and your station in life (it's more romantic to have a hi-perf wagon when you are a family man and like utility plus the cachet) - and we're not talking regular forest green over beige 520d and E500...
Bought an E39 M5. Probably sell the E92. i love the M3 but i feel kinda stupid just clicking the DCT back and forth and zooming around, the capabilities of the car are amazing but there's a disconnect and I wish it were lighter, given it's size. i will experiment with the M5 and see how I like living with it. I am expecting near E92 M3-like power delivery except with a manual, and then the packaging that I'm used to in an older 5er with the traditional BMW interior. ...
The 1M is stupid looking in all respects, though. Even worse is when one finds me on the street and proceeds to embarrass themselves by trying to impress me with their fake M car and inevitable douchebag driving. Has happened at least 5 times in the short time I've had the M.
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