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wooo mister fancy. My car has an overly hot heating system, a DOS-like OS, and a Playstation One-like transmission.... and a center console for my Oiiver Peoples. Possible upgrade to Oliver Goldsmiths thanks to this thread.
I can't imagine buying an aftermarket exhaust for the E92 M3. The prices for mods are ridiculous these days, Akrapovic is nice.... but shit, you get that, some BBS du jour plus bigger PSS, some suspension, some Chinese-made carbon fiber lip, and you've already spent an additional 20% of the car's value, which is a lot these days. That Gruppe-M intake is like state school tuition money. I miss the 90's, when you could get everything done for under 5 stacks.
I had my muffler gutted. Went to SE Asia for some biz for a week and dropped the car off at the shop for an oil change, and had them do little things, like gutting the muff and had them remove the stupid window tint that came on the car when I got it. Sounds pretty good. Thinking of getting the Turner test pipes and getting those front O2's coded out. Originally I thought it was just an enthusiast private garage for all makes (as they advertise) but it turned out to be...
Seen a lot of the new S-class recently. Still getting used to figuring out what it is when they pull up in my rearview mirror. It's pretty nice looking, but only in black or dark colors. I saw one in light silver and the taillights look weird as hell on light colors. I suspect white will be really nasty too. The new Hyundai Genesis must've started deliveries here too, I've seen a bunch in the past few days. I even saw one with disguise tape on it, driving around. ...
that last pic just screams 'Murica
Stupid question for the BMW BJ club - where do I see the outside temp on the iDrive or center cluster? I haven't had a Bimmer in like 10 years and it used to be on the OBC I think, but OBC is just showing me that I make 7mpg and average 7mph
Tokyo is styleforum as fuck. Go.
legit stuff. got the lighter case last night:
No personal interest in the F10 M5. Not that I could afford one anyway, but fake exhaust note? Really? It's the NA motors with ITB's that still put people on notice. The F10 is also too big. I'd forgive that motor in a San Marino Blue M6GC though...
only pic I took of it for now - y'all probably seen a bone stock Jerez M3 before, so not much for the imagination. Can't wait to get all that nasty tint taken off. it's debadged in the back too. I kind of like it that way, because Koreans put ///M badges on literally every BMW in existence. So many ///M320d's and ///M523i's here it's ridiculous. I once saw a Mini Countryman with a Nurburgring sticker that contained both a BMW logo and an ///M logo within it. They go...
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