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Was gonna stamp all of them gold.
The backpack is durable, I have seen DJ Bento's fly over the world every weekend for gigs as his sole luggage and it looks good every time I meet up with him. Rain? Do cows melt in the rain? It's fine, dude. Just a brushing or whatever is needed if it gets water spots. Lifetime? It will last longer than you will want to wear it.
oh i missed barrettdudley's post too- 'It' is not funding other ventures, 'I' am funding my own venture. Just wanted to clear that up. You guys buy clothes and cars and whatnot as your hobbies- I am buying a restaurant because it's a hobby I can make into a separate business. Figurative language causing confusion maybe?
Back to the original topic - I forgot to mention that the wallets don't come with that wool dust bag. Sorry, forgot about that. Was just something i hobbled together back in 2010 with my sewing machine for fun and the production wallets name came with them. I hope that isn't a deal breaker.
Got a few bag and wallet orders. Thanks to everybody. mcsmif - I'm sorry that you feel that way and I can see it your way, but I think there may be some simple misunderstanding - the bag and the wallet are not made side by side with MTM jackets, they're made way across town by separate people who do just those products, and we haven't offered those in a long time and I thought it'd be a nice way to re-offer them to the people who wanted them and missed out, without...
No it's not. Fits in the back pocket of a pair of smaller-pocketed jeans (like APC)
Alright dudes - first off, gotta say I am thankful for the support, when it means getting us to the next level. A free beer and a lifetime of K-beezies for everyone who supports the dream and comes to the restaurant. Just sat on my living room floor with morning with a pair of scissors and some tacks and did a rough mockup of the bench seating in TOJ black goatskin and two layers of foam in separate densities, and I must say, dem asses are in for a treat. I hope you...
Sup y'all. Long post, way overdue. All is well and alive at TOJ, just getting to wrap up final order taking as we speak. Order log is all queued up, producing on the regular. As for the future of TOJ - 100%, we will never make MTM again. It was great but as you can see, people want their clothes faster than MTM can really allow. I am really wanting to make new clothes (both men's and women's) again but they'll need to be made in larger batches so that people can get...
I do like many OXO and Giesser Messer kitchen tools though. Many are well designed. The OXO pepper grinder is nice for quick refills, and comes apart easily for cleaning as well. I think I have 3 or 4 of them and I often fill them with spice blends to grind.
Looking to split ways with my M3 myself, soon. Been an awesome car. Might even get another someday. Otherwise, the bar is set very high. The M5 I am learning to like more and more for different reasons. Here's how they're looking right now:
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