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misterswag, is your first name Natalie or Nicolai?
dieworkwear, I'll do so. thank you for being specific.
dieworkwear, did you mention his name in your email thread and give us instruction to send to him? That is all we need.
when the name on the original jacket order slip gets searched in the gmail for addressing - it brings up any buyer of the spot (that is why I asked all of those people who sold spots to include the name the spot was bought from, and for those who sold spots to include the name sold to)
skeen, why not tell me what your jacket order is specifically, so I can look into it, instead of just attacking me? what do you expect from this?
Spagettimatt, those are easy to address - a) I was sending refunds until somebody did a chargeback suddenly and froze my Paypal. Since then I haven't been able to receive or send any payments, so it goes without saying. The products are sent out because they were paid for and are being made regularly by the outsource, but the paypal is frozen and I am overseas, so it's kinda hard to work that back out. b) In terms of the total orders that were taken from the time I...
Yes, it always was. I was gonna go to the shipping drop because it's Monday, but now I have to hold that off so I can post here today. The production and orders were all being fulfilled without my intervention but I get what is not shippable and put it aside, so in a moment, I am gonna go to the storage and pull out the grey matter items and then post them here. I don't think we can ID all of them this way, but I'll explain what is going on with all of the hold items.
Good morning, y'all. I had everybody asking me why spammers were hitting the various sites as I got up this morning - is that breek12? I will post back in a second in more detail, but wanted to let whoever was spamming it up all over the internet to know that the other lines, phone numbers, sites - they aren't under my admin and the spam is getting deleted or unanswered by the people who have those pages.
Updates a) If your last name is on this short list, I need you to email so we can either send/handle your order - in possession of items have been either unaddressable recently or dug back out from the storage again, needing sendable addresses, or clarification. Most of these are TOJ0. Wade Ling Gnolla Holten Le (Tran?) Wood Newall Schupanitz b) I have a navy/black TOJ0 around size 48-50 (longish) and a black/black 44 with shortened everything - both are nameless...
Hey guys - sorry for the break again. I got really busy and then just never stopped being busy lately. I have some shipments ready to go out right now but need addresses; additionally, the bulk of orders are going to be finished within the month or into January and things will be moving quite quickly from here on out, so what I’d like is for basically every single person with an outstanding order to email back in the same email thread of the order (consolidate to the...
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