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can I get a last name with that? You see, there are a number of people named Michael.
whoa barramnudi, did you just post that on the last page? sorry, I am trying to post and refresh the page and posts are getting edited. Too many moving parts.
Spaghettmatt, I am going out to the storage across town to grab that stuff. Then I can post on it.
All real names/real addresses/order specifics should be sent with information and dropped into the gmail, to be on record and searchable. Do not send me SF pm's because I need this info to be consolidated and there on hand for for the manufacturing people as well as the shipping people to grab your updated info and transcribe it to shipping slips if applicable.
Cutemelon (and anybody henceforth asking status questions) - I need to know your name/any names/email aliases (not the address, but the name that would appear for me to search) involved with your order to be able to search for them. When I said 85% of the orders are complete, that means they are shipped and with their owners. If your order is outstanding it's either late in the queue or been held for some reason (which is what I'll go out today and retrieve and look over)
Natalie, I think it was shipped with all of them but I'd have to go through the shipping archive to check. Give me some time to confirm as it's all on paper.
misterswag, is your first name Natalie or Nicolai?
dieworkwear, I'll do so. thank you for being specific.
dieworkwear, did you mention his name in your email thread and give us instruction to send to him? That is all we need.
when the name on the original jacket order slip gets searched in the gmail for addressing - it brings up any buyer of the spot (that is why I asked all of those people who sold spots to include the name the spot was bought from, and for those who sold spots to include the name sold to)
New Posts  All Forums: