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Got some tracking numbers to send. Still my Wednesday in Korea. :P Just had a busy day and it's not over yet.
yes, if you send email with you current location
clean leather with detergent-free wet naps. Take varsity to specialist cleaners.
Sorry dudes, thought we'd ship Monday - turns out we have to fill out more EMS slips than we thought and Sally has quit TOJ recently, so me and Dan do that alone now. I'll be sending tracking numbers tomorrow once they're in the post.
seems like it too did not get enough interest, so yes.
Doesn't look like there was enough interest for the navy/black backpack to happen. Still thinking about Harrington standard sizes to finish it all out, seems like guys wanted the blue the most. That color was supposed to be called Prussian Blue but somehow Charly called it 'persian' and it never got corrected during its entire lifetime
wtf? That looks tragic
I don't get much choice in South Korea so I just get Uniqlo 'premium cotton' V necks. Like $15 for 2 over here. I wear them in two sizes depending on how much hemline i want to show from under my jackets.
Haven't seen it. What should I be looking at?
I don't even know the story of House of Billiam besides the copycat TOJ0 from awhile back - then I just found out about Clothsurgeon recently. He basically makes MA-1's and other stuff that I've made before and he makes them in all the colors and materials that I wouldn't want to, from what I've gathered.
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