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robinsongreen, that is simply untrue and the restaurant is far from failing - Korean commercial real estate doesn’t work this way. I suppose it might be true in Western countries but Korea has a two part pay on the property to open- security deposit (fixed) and the complete improvement costs (fitout)(variable) - both are recoupable in full on a turnover and the roost important objective of opening a store is to drive your footprint’s value as high as possible whereby you...
Back to the first pull on the surplus storage items, I pinpointed and shipped most of them, and then pulled out more; this is what I have currently (database of spec and size on these will be made in Excel, at which point a lot of rest of them will find their homes if they have one ) They are being sorted and cross checked with the make sheet: These are completed slips that go back about 8 months until now. There is about 10x this stack offsite which go back to...
I’ve been alerted that somebody’s number is trolling the phone lines and been staying up; As has been said, the restaurant’s FB page and number is not a customer hotline to get in touch with me. I’ve said it here before, but that isn’t a phone or message line for me as I’m not there (and plus I’m deaf and do not use a phone, so this is quite stupid), and it reaches a lot of unconnected owners and part time staffers; in the average scenario these people on the other end of...
Hey guys, sorry for the break in posting. I have been busy with work and have been sorting TOJ stuff out in my free time. I was able to sort out about 50 people from that tangle of unknown jackets from before. What I am currently on is a lot of TOJ0’s that are missing names and so I gotta go back, pinpoint who is in what order to receive those jackets, and then get them sent out asap. Meanwhile, there are still more orders coming out as usual. I have done about 7 post...
I need to get in touch with a Kevin Lim. Jacket is a CWU or A2/MA-1 in leather. I am not sure if he is a spot buyer or an original but I can’t bring him up in search, so Kevin or someone who sold Kevin their slot, please get in touch. I sent more emails after ID’ing jackets and shipped everything that was ok to go; there are still a lot of jackets left to ID. It’s now the weekend here and the post will not open again til Monday.
I've got ID on a good number of those jackets now, and can begin confirming with their owners. They'll begin shipping today if addresses are clear and the item is a match.
jesus christ can you guys stop bickering amongst yourselves?
Sorry to interrupt, but can S. Gardner from some pages back, as well as misterswag/Natalie please send or re-send your PM's with your mailing addresses here on SF? I need access to those addresses right now and I have a deluge of pm's/emails and want to take care of the backpacks at this moment.
I have three jobs, but all of them are piecemeal and require my time at random times of the day and days of the week, I don't check into a time clock like that. Some weeks the restaurant requires me to work on Mondays, many times the store is running freely and I can do shipping on a Thurs or Fri. I don't have a set schedule apart from my work requiring 7 days a week, all day, everyday.
I just pulled them out and sorted them today, it will take some time, as identifying each jacket's owner is not going to be easy. Anything that is ever sendable and clear to go always gets sent. What is up in the air due to whatever reasons will get held until it's clear that the person is on the other side ready to receive it. As for updates, yes, I will be posting them.
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