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I need to get in touch with a Kevin Lim. Jacket is a CWU or A2/MA-1 in leather. I am not sure if he is a spot buyer or an original but I can’t bring him up in search, so Kevin or someone who sold Kevin their slot, please get in touch. I sent more emails after ID’ing jackets and shipped everything that was ok to go; there are still a lot of jackets left to ID. It’s now the weekend here and the post will not open again til Monday.
I've got ID on a good number of those jackets now, and can begin confirming with their owners. They'll begin shipping today if addresses are clear and the item is a match.
jesus christ can you guys stop bickering amongst yourselves?
Sorry to interrupt, but can S. Gardner from some pages back, as well as misterswag/Natalie please send or re-send your PM's with your mailing addresses here on SF? I need access to those addresses right now and I have a deluge of pm's/emails and want to take care of the backpacks at this moment.
I have three jobs, but all of them are piecemeal and require my time at random times of the day and days of the week, I don't check into a time clock like that. Some weeks the restaurant requires me to work on Mondays, many times the store is running freely and I can do shipping on a Thurs or Fri. I don't have a set schedule apart from my work requiring 7 days a week, all day, everyday.
I just pulled them out and sorted them today, it will take some time, as identifying each jacket's owner is not going to be easy. Anything that is ever sendable and clear to go always gets sent. What is up in the air due to whatever reasons will get held until it's clear that the person is on the other side ready to receive it. As for updates, yes, I will be posting them.
I'd prefer a clean slate up to the minute data email when you do so. Thank you in advance. Addresses as well as items received change regularly and it's fastest for me to work with a status reading.
notwithit, I know your name. Whole Foods bags, right?
Guys, with personal order status things, please direct them to the email for consolidation and so that I can address them when I go into the emails. The thread is not a viable way to store this info, nor can I decrypt names and such if you're trying to remain private. What I have in my hands at any given time is a lot of jackets that are obviously of a certain style, leather, and sometimes have non standard detailing - and then most of them have a very specific set of...
Ok, I went across town and went into the storage. This is a portion of what’s in there but I couldn’t bring all of it in two goes. I don’t want to start some online picture ID game with these, so please refrain from that and let me go through each one and determine whether it is now sendable not once I cross check all the ID sources. If it’s gone to this collection then it’s a matter of either being not sendable at the time due to name errors, whether you were on the...
New Posts  All Forums: