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Oh, I just had to get these when I were in the St.Jermyn store on monday... I came in to get a tobacco suede, but changed my mind at first sight [[SPOILER]]
Ouch,That Double breasted one is so hard to resist when looking for a new overcoat.What is the verdict of those Sartorio overcoats? not warm enough like many italian overcoats? anyone with experience?
Buying for a friend. Looking for a clean looking shoe without brouging
Tan brouge oxford shoe. Goodyear welted. From their Platinum line which retails for > $1000 I really like it, but it's just too small for me. Size is US7,5 WAS 130, NOW 110
Bought from Cravate Noire in jan 2011 - too big for me: 1. A beautiful Piombo overcoat in EU52. - THIS IS BRAND NEW AND NOW ~85 % OFF Made from a wool/cashmere 70/30 blend, great hand, very clean design, super soft construction, totally unlined as well. Retail 1100€ (ca.1500$) Measurements: shoulders: 19 inches armpit: 23,5 Lenght:37 sleeves:26,25 WAS 150, NOW 110
Lol, yeah I think I PMed after 6 mins
I'll take it
Very happywith this service as a seller and buyer. Have experienced significantlymore interest after posting to fitisking! Continue making this better, this just needs critical mass to succeed even more.
Could be interested but would like to read some tests first from buyers
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