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Yeahhh. I had two pictures. In one of them, my jacket looks fucked up and in this one my jeans do. I chose the lesser of two evils even though they both fit fine. Thanks for all the thumbs. If only these internet points were worth something.
Jil Sander sweater 2.0
My younger brother broke up with his girlfriend of 3 years today. It was a long time coming.
I don't think the shirt goes well with those pants at all.
She grabbed my hand and placed it on her breasts.Probably the best looking girl on my friends list. Alas, she lives 12 hours away from me.
This list is garbage.
I can't help but read this in Kanye West's voice.
Agreed. It's almost like those grey slacks were made to be worn in front of generic closet doors.
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