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I've been thinking about switching Jake to a raw diet. He shits non-stop and raw food is supposed to reduce the number of bowel movements they have. It would be nice not having to take him out so often...
10 km in 56 minutes. And since we're talking about where we run, this is my spot:
Just did 7 km. I hate the feeling of having things in my pockets when I run. Dealing with headphones and wires is even worse. I bring a single key with me and that's it.
I bought the 610. It might not make me faster initially but being able to see my progress should be motivating. I like obsessing over numbers.
Started running again after taking several months off due to knee issues and am pleased to report that they feel great. To celebrate, I bought a Garmin and am blown away by it. For people who like to geek out over stats, this thing is a dream come true. I can't believe it took me so long to pick one up.
I don't really know much about it. Just picked it up on a whim from JNBY. [[SPOILER]]178 cm isn't that short.Nope. Just Acne. They faded faster than an American Idol winner.Not likely.
boring fit but at least I'm good looking.
Post the music video here!
Maybe I'm just having bad luck but the last 4 pieces I've bought were falling apart after only a few months. (dip dyed sweater, flight pants, and two pairs of denim)
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