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Speaking of cycling, how about these retarded "invisible bike helmets"? (Skip to 2:45)
10 km in just over 52 minutes.
Haha okay does it make a difference if I feed him morning, afternoon, or evening?
I have always fed Jake twice a day but now that I've switched to raw food it would be easier just to feed him once. Are there any pros or cons to a single daily feeding I should be aware of?
Pants are too dark for the jacket. Outfit is still pretty good but the combo is a little off.
I uses to live in Edmonton and never really had any issues with Jake's paws. That being said, G&E pharmacy is probably your best bet for finding the stuff lefty is talking about. It's just off whyte avenue and 75th street. It's basically a farm supply store but they carry a lot of dog related products
I've been thinking about switching Jake to a raw diet. He shits non-stop and raw food is supposed to reduce the number of bowel movements they have. It would be nice not having to take him out so often...
10 km in 56 minutes. And since we're talking about where we run, this is my spot:
Just did 7 km. I hate the feeling of having things in my pockets when I run. Dealing with headphones and wires is even worse. I bring a single key with me and that's it.
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