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New ski gear...
Previous level specs brahhh
Lanvin sneaks. #boredinclass
Good luck sorting everything out! Poor girl has had some bad luck. Do you have pet insurance or is everything out of pocket?
Givenchy Shirt...
He killed a mouse a while back and was beside himself. I can't even imagine his excitement over a rabbit.
Speaking of a Basenji acting like a Basenji, I'm out of town right now and Jake is staying at a daycare while I'm gone. I called them today to change his pick up date and to ask them how he was doing. The girl on the phone got super awkward and told me he had an "incident". Apparently the daycare was taking care of a rabbit and they forgot to close off the room where he was staying...Jake managed to get in and he killed it. I feel bad for the rabbit and its owner but...
Another obvious sign of "amateur" dog owners is when they refer to themselves as "mommy and daddy" and talk to their dog like it's a baby. Although I guess I shouldn't say too much...I've only ever had one dog.
Baby pics are next.
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