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Yes, they may have that information but there is an issue of timing. Facebook may have an idea of what you like but they don't necessarily know when to show you relevant ads. This is the guesswork I alluded to above. When I go to Google and search for something, let's take a museum for example, Google knows to show me ads related to that museum. Facebook may know that I like a certain museum but they don't know when to show me the relevant ads. Google knows exactly what...
Not sure if raw but they have them in solid black...
I think an important distinction between the two is that when people visit Google they are actively looking for something whereas facebook users are more passive. It's much easier for Google to provide relevant ads because they know what the user wants. The same cannot be said for facebook. They have no input from the user so the have to try and guess what ads to show. I think this gives Google a major advantage over facebook.
No, haven't tried them on. I'm not ill-proportioned though
Attachment. I'm looking for some denim that will go with my julius leather. I feel like these fit the bill.
Does anyone know if H. Lorenzo has something coming down the pipe?
Fortunately I was able to get things under control myself. I was melting the tin of wax over a flame and it somehow bubbled over and caused a huge fireball. I stupidly threw water over it and all that did was splash the flaming wax everywhere. A couple more buckets of water got everything under control but I've got a mess on my hands now.
I attempted to put a wax finish on an old coat today and instead set a wall, ironing board, and carpet on fire. I suck at arts and crafts.
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