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Im getting a magnum pi vibe.
This thread needs an about-face.
Haha I struggled with the title. There was a whole lot of "what the fuck?" that had to be fit in.
That's exactly what you'd say if you didn't want us to know how rich and powerful you were.
In my minds eye you are asian. Mind = blown.
Ahhh I remember you. You used to post in streetwear like a year or two ago.Anyways, your statement assumes that there is only one set of aesthetic principles. This is not the case. Although men's clothing may prefer a style that is more traditional, it does not make it inherently better. Furthermore, there is no causation between something being mainstream and aesthetically pleasing. American Eagle, Abercrombie, Hugo Boss, and so on. That shit is mainstream and it's...
I love it when men's clothing shit talks streetwear. It's so cute.
SourceAs for the video that is circulating online, here's a NSFL description of it that was posted on reddit... [[SPOILER]]
The sad thing is that this guy is totally serious...
From a hardcore christian...So much innuendo.
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