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What level of difficulty do you guys play on? I'm just doing normal but I'm not finding it very challenging so far. Just about done the second act and I haven't died once yet.
I don't understand half the shit you guys are saying. That being said, I'm wondering when and how gems come into play. I've seen them in the AH but haven't encountered them while playing.
Stazy5#1216 Edit: North American server
I'm happy to get paid in (good) beer.The best part is experiencing things improve so quickly. Everything feels so seamless now compared to even 5 years ago.
You know how porn sites give you the option to "like" videos on facebook? You know how you always wonder who the fuck would click on those? The answer? This guy: [[SPOILER]]
I love setting up new computers.
I'm expecting a Fedex delivery so I've been delaying my dog's walk and he's starting to get impatient with me.
What did your cat have to say about this incident?
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