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For what it`s worth, I attended a resume workshop yesterday and the recruiter specifically mentioned that they like the "interests" section because it gives them a feel of what type of person you are outside of the cubicle and if you'll fit in with the company culture. As for relevant courses, she suggested only using courses that are unique and will differentiate you from your peers. Putting accounting 101 when you're applying for an accounting position is useless because...
Full disclosure: I once touched her boob and she is indeed smoking hot. I feel like she's going to ignore my comment just to prove how much she doesn't go on facebook.
Her 5th status update of the day:I called her out on her shit. Hoping for drama. lolz
I guess so. I usually just run into the middle of everything and try to take them down. Dual wielding is probably better suited for playing the perimeter.
As far as I can tell, duel wielding doesn't really make any sense with the current structure of the game. The extra dps doesn't make up for the increased vulnerability.
That's pretty bad ass. My dad has never done anything like that but I respect him mostly because of how committed he is to our family. He grew up in a poor, abusive household and has worked so hard to give me and my siblings opportunities he never had.
I've posted this several times now but my dad is fucking awesome. He impresses me on a daily basis.
Not all your bullet points end with a period. Be consistent.
In my defence, she's not really my friend. She was my hairdresser for a while but I haven't seen her in like 2 years.
This girl always posts the most retarded shit.WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?
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