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I think Charley is actually Rick Santorum in secret. I can't wait for the sweater vest thread...
Nice coat, reminds me of cucinelli
I think most people on the forum buy brands like Kiton, Brioni and etc when the are marked way down. If you look on buy and sell section of the forum, you will be amazed. On occasion, you will find NWT Brioni and Kiton suits in the 1000-1500 range and lower.
probably a brighter color, so if you fall off a cliff the rescue team can find you easier.
you chose a great username:slayer:
I agree. Hanks looks great and his tux fits perfectly, my only criticism(Although its just personal preference) is his bow tie. Its a bit big, and it kind of sags like a clown's bow tie. Anyone else feel this way...?
I think he dressed down on purpose, so he wouldn't look prettier than his girl... She is amazingly hot though. Her dress looked very wardrobe malfunction prone, I was waiting for cohen to step on her 15 ft long dress.
Nice suit.
New Posts  All Forums: