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Singapore airlines charged 4 USD for 500 ml of drinking water when I flew with them.Korean Air +1
All sold.
In my opinion, Tie Bar ties are very poor quality, similar quality to H&M. I have seen some nice cotton knits before, its a perfectly fine material for a knit. I wouldn't say silk is better than cotton, just a matter of preference.
"This is a dark brown jacket with a wonderful feel, substantial yet not stiff. I have worn this @ 25-30 times, but this jacket will last a lifetime. Timelessly simple design, again note the long single panels of perfectly matched leather- who else offers this quality at a reasonable price. I'm letting this one go cheap as I have used it, but it is really just acquiring that nice patina and broken in look one desires." From Warrengarder's original post It's cognac brown...
This is an Emanuele Maffeis of Bergamo check dress shirt, in red and white. Its %100 cotton, hands down the finest fabrics i have ever seen. Very thick MOP buttons. I bought this shirt from SF member Alberts for $80.00 a few years ago, and I've warn it gently twice.
Very nice, love the Adamo one.
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