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Quote: Originally Posted by btlaxripper I like Steve Madden loafers for exactly the need you are describing, nice looking loafers that I wear to bars and such and just anywhere I have the Drifter but either of those 2 you have will work, I like the last one I am ashamed to admit I used to own this POS. It has no shape after 3 wears and your big toe will leave a dent on the top of the shoe. It is a disaster made of horrid leather-like...
Wearing shoes inside your home is as disgusting as wearing no shoes while walking on the sidewalk. You walk in these shoes into public bathrooms and then you walk in them isnide your house? Irrational?
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero Home of architect and philosopher Bernard Tschumi. He has a horrible taste for an architect. Quote: Originally Posted by bsherman100 I like this The whole thing including interiors looks cheap and ugly. Probably going to be favorite rental apartment for international students frm Hong Kong and Middle East.
Quote: Originally Posted by ZackyBoy It's just baffling that in one sentence I am told that I am a great, hard worker and everyone who works with me has said so, but apparently during these morning meetings I lack enthusiasm. In the end I don't see why it matters how I act when I am not around clients as long as I am not lighting joints and blowing my nose onto the table. I was actually told that about half the employees are in this boat, too, not just...
Quote: Originally Posted by SField Do you guys like the look of it? I think it looks kind of slick, sort of like the Maserattis. What impact are these expected to have on the mass market? Cannot wait for it to go IPO. Another no brainer investment that would double in a first 6 months.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero Aim for this. Waiting room of plastic surgeon or divorce attorney?
Quote: Originally Posted by Jokerman Easily the most attractive chick in the show in all ways. She is attractive, but I get too much of a "mommy vibe" coming from her to deem her hot. She is hot housewife with 2 kids, not really hot celebrity GF. Anyone noticed how shitty suits and shirts look on Ary and E ? Possibly the worst fitting clothes I have seen on TV show. They must have cut the budget and went for Josef A Bank wardrobes After...
Quote: Originally Posted by mr monty Martegani alligator loafers from Rider [IMG][/IMG] These are super nice
That horrible, toothless show must become this in a hurry: or it is gone like a bad soap opera.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pennglock Anyone over 16 watching this piece of shit deserves to be lashed. +1 It is what metrosexual guys are watching between "Friends" re-runs.
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