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Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 What beautiful little angels And to think that even then, they each had a slightly higher IQ than you... What's the matter Balki, didn't find your daddy's picture flattering? Angels of death may be....how did you summoned these?
This is when life pwns you:
Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater I'm not saying they're clever, I'm saying that they make a lot more than $10k from bribes. You are trying to explain how corruption works to me, right? So in your logic if they take a lot of small bribes they are not really that pathetic or dumb? Do you understand that the number of small bribe incidents dramatically increases your risk of getting caught? Do you understand that each time you...
Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater You think $10k is all they pull in on corruption? You do realize that the $10k is only what they pulled in on the particular deals that got them busted, right? Fucking small timers, don't even know how corruption works. So in your logic they are really clever as long as they take 100000 bribes, each averaging 10K? Lol.
Quote: Originally Posted by btlaxripper I like Steve Madden loafers for exactly the need you are describing, nice looking loafers that I wear to bars and such and just anywhere I have the Drifter but either of those 2 you have will work, I like the last one I am ashamed to admit I used to own this POS. It has no shape after 3 wears and your big toe will leave a dent on the top of the shoe. It is a disaster made of horrid leather-like...
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba Welcome to the Soprano state, Small timers. Our Corruption will break you in Half. Oh really? Doesn't amount of these bribes makes the whole deal sort of pathetic? 10K for building permits? Pathetic small time thieves. Who the f... risks life, family, career and freedom over 10 grand other than bunch of dumb mooks.
Wearing shoes inside your home is as disgusting as wearing no shoes while walking on the sidewalk. You walk in these shoes into public bathrooms and then you walk in them isnide your house? Irrational?
Quote: Originally Posted by rnoldh Are drugs or Goldman Sachs behind this profit making money laundering operation? Maybe the Rabbis and Mayors will get lucky and Washington will deem their operation "too big to fail". lol
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero Home of architect and philosopher Bernard Tschumi. He has a horrible taste for an architect. Quote: Originally Posted by bsherman100 I like this http://www.100living.com The whole thing including interiors looks cheap and ugly. Probably going to be favorite rental apartment for international students frm Hong Kong and Middle East.
I am laughing out loud. Corzain already took over our budget now feds took over our mayor. Is Hoboken the biggest and smelliest disaster of a town or what?
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