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Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy First (and only) Sperrys I got was in '84 I had this. I still remember when my dad send these kind of shoes before when he was working overseas.
Quote: Originally Posted by spertia We started out with Panton chairs, then switched to Bertoia side chairs, then finally settled on some vintage Knoll-edition Mies chairs (but in dark brown leather): I think we'll be keeping these. I like this chair a lot. It looked elegant and will fit properly into my dream dining room.
Haven't been into an actual gym but plan on doing so in the future. The company I am currently with has a partnership with Gold's Gym and they are giving us huge discounts more than 50%.
Japanese food. I guess sushi sealed the deal for me and that some of their food are raw as well.
I am surprised. I've got nothing good to say on him other than praise his talent.
I am thinking on what kind of hair cut I will have later.
I just read the news on yahoo. RIP to her.
Payday is near again.
2 slices of pizzas and chicken wings.
What a coincidence. I jut went to the doctor to have my cholesterol checked and I am not an expert when it comes to medical field but according to my doctor, my cholesterol level is above the border line and that I need to lower it down. My doctor prescribed me Simvastatin 10 mg and I need to take it for a month. Afterwards, they will examine my cholesterol level again to see if there are any improvements at all.
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