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This looks promising, but something looks off with the sleeves/armhole. To my untrained eye it looks like the armhole is not very high and/or quite large.
If you have a shirt that fits you perfectly, you can send it for replication. I used measurements from an existing bespoke shirt and achieved a perfect fit first time around.
Yes, I understand the same.
Not sure I understand you? A fabric not currently offered by Luxire, crowsfoot stitching and nice MOP buttons. The above shirt is clearly not made by Luxire.
\\Nice, who is the maker of this shirt?
The first pair are pretty special
@luxire, do you have access to these Albini Chambray fabrics?
Does anyone have real life experience with the navy cotton pique and linen/cotton pique? I've got both the swatches but interested how they make up, if the linen mix is worth the price difference.
Really good price
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