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Yes, I experienced the exact same issue on a previous order - a cotton/linen blend was lined perfectly, but a more substantial seersucker was a bit thick for my own preference.
Looks decent, what lining did you specify, looks to be quite substantial.
How did you find the two collar shapes compare?I ordered the standard BD based on positive reviews here and was a little disappointed. The points seem to point downwards too much and not towards my lapels, in fact they don't reach my lapels. I was hoping for something similar to my Kamakura shirts, which are perfect in my opinion.
Do you ask for Fresco to be lined from Luxire? (I'm assuming these are Minnis Fresco)
Well I think it would be proportional to the chest. i.e. not the same size on a 38" as it would be on a 44". I'm not too sure exactly, might be best to have a look at one in person. Around 4 inches I would guess?
You can search the forum for discussion on the TF silhouette, but essentially it is a wide peaked lapel with a clean, shaped chest, roped shoulder, trim waist. It's an exaggerated masculine shape. Other details like 5 cuff buttons and large pocket flaps are signature.
Perfect, are they thick or thin?
Does anyone have close-up photos of the different shirt button options? The standard MOP buttons are a little too 'milky white' for my taste, not quite as pearlescent as my RTW shirts.
Who is making your suit? The wide lapel is a hallmark of the TF cut, it might be unwise to expect a tailor not familiar with that cut and style to replicate it faithfully.
Nice, I really like those cuffs. I think Luxire's replication work is very solid.
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