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My humble collection. All C&J apart from the bonus loden suede Carmina's on the end. [[SPOILER]]
Sent them an email several months ago about this. No reply obv.
Me too
Brown woven silk tie. Handmade in Italy. Free to a good home. Just pay postage. Gone.
A velvet siren suit would be ideal.
Selling a gently used Raffaele Caruso Sartoria Parma jacket. Khaki herringbone "old cotton", which is a Solaro like fabric with a red/teracotta backing. Size 52(42)R 3 patch pockets Side vents Unlined Soft shoulders 3r2 Non functional cuffs BOC: 30" P2P: 22: Sleeve: 25 Shoulder: 18.75 Asking £150 shipped worldwide.
Yes, I've seen it in person. it's definitely handmade/handsewn. Looks like a Milanese buttonhole too.
What a great thread!
Great price, especially with that lovely lapel buttonhole.
I have to say I don't understand this change in direction. Both price and quality seem to have been greatly reduced, I guess they are going after a different target demographic now? Usually it would just be quality being reduced if it were a cost saving measure. The old made in Italy by Corneliani stuff was excellent and priced around £1000 for a suit. The new Eastern Europeean made Corneliani and USA made Hickey Freeman stuff is priced at £595 for a suit. It just seems...
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