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A few knit ties for consideration. Postage worldwide will be a flat rate of £4 untracked or £9 with tracking. Free in the UK 1) Rubinacci. Blue with purple handsewn spots. Worn a couple of times. £35 £30 £25 2) Sozzi Calze red zig zag. Worn a couple of times £35 £30 £25 3) Untagged Udeshi navy wool. £25 £15
Clearing out a few ties. A change in job means I won't be wearing ties on a daily basis No major issues unless noted and all have been well cared for. All are approx 3.5" wide. Silks are hand printed in Macclesfield.Postage worldwide will be a flat rate of £4 untracked or £9 with tracking. Free in the UKGroup shots:1) Drake's pink with white/blue geometric pattern. Think i've worn this maybe twice. £45 £40 £352) Drake's untagged navy. Has been worn. £30 £25 SOLD...
One of the most useful threads on the forum
Number 1 is tipped?
Sorry, inseam also?
Agreed, this is a fantastic price. Great shoes, I have a pair myself.
Thank you for a concise and helpful answer
My question was regarding the actual process of resoling double sole shoes (if I should need to direct my cobbler for instance). Not to worry, I will ask elsewhere.
Does anyone have experience with the white pique jersey? I'm interested to know the thickness and if it is suitable for a summer shirt? i.e. quite thin and breathable?
Let's be clear, I'm not being cheap. I have sent shoes to the C&J factory before and was not particularly impressed with the results. After a couple of wears, the new sole is indiscernible from a JR sole my local cobbler could fit for a third of the price. One time, they had to be sent back to the factory again after 2 weeks developing a fault on the sole. 6 weeks waiting each time .
New Posts  All Forums: