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@luxire, do you have access to these Albini Chambray fabrics?
Does anyone have real life experience with the navy cotton pique and linen/cotton pique? I've got both the swatches but interested how they make up, if the linen mix is worth the price difference.
Really good price
Beautiful boots
Selling a pair of mid grey Howard Yount trousers. They are summer weight 'open weave tropical', very much like Fresco. Hemmed at 32.75" with a 2" cuff. All of the inseam allowance is present. Size 36, although are mis-labelled a 38. Unaltered. USA cut. Wore these a few times last season and are just back from the dry cleaners. Asking £55.
What sort of summer trousers? A lot of the English RTW brands on and around Jermyn St have side adjusters
Nice shoes
These are very nice
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