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Avoid 1 button. 2 or 3 is considered classic. These suits are better, but what is the obsession with 'skinny' fit suits? They are also 50% polyester. You should be looking for 100% wool.
Sorry, I can't advocate buying any of these suits, they are all fashion suits with the most silly cuts. Look how they fit the models.
Im not really sure what the question is here. I will try and simplify this for you with a view to you working in London.Buy either a plain navy or a charcoal grey suit. The links you posted above have aggressively slim lapels. It should be classic in proportion, ideally 2 button with side vents. Buy a couple of shirts - white and blue. French cuff is fine.Buy a pair of plain black oxfords. Buy a couple of ties, a navy with a small pattern (dots perhaps) and another sober...
Hmm, I was only presenting the above as my personal opinion rather than a widely accepted norm. I have shirts both fused an unused including Neapolitan bespoke with fusing that really doesn't work in lightweight cloth like chambray.I figured fusing in the collar band would hold the collar up particularly when worn with a jacket/without a tie, while the unfused, but lined collar leaf would have a nice natural shape to it. I've just ordered a shirt from luxire in this...
This is encouraging to hear, as I am considering exactly the same. It would be great if you could document the process including any pitfalls that can be avoided, or anything that you feel has to be explained in great detail. Of course pictures of your finished product would be great!
Fused neckband and a lined collar. Thickness of lining dependent on fabric choice. A thick oxford could probably be unlined, while a thinner fabric should have some body to it, unless you like it floppy.
This would be good to see. Surely quite easy, no? - regular button down with 4" points?
Yes, worrying too much
Your insight is invaluable. I'd like to ask another question that has been on my mind relating to the lifespan of a pair of shoes, you may know the answer or at least have an idea.A pair of shoes can be rewelted a finite number of times (I understand around 4 times or as long as the uppers hold up) and each welt can take a finite number of resoles (2 -3 on average?). Why does a typical Northampton manufacturer insist on replacing the welt each time they perform a resole?...
Yup. Also, single vented suit
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