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Very nice. Can you describe the fit?
Up for sale is a Ralph Lauren navy sport coat. Size L, (Fits like a 42L) Cotton pique 2 button Patch pockets Buggy lined Functional cuffs Side vents Completely unstructured Measurements (approx due to unstructured nature of the garment) Shoulders: 20 SLeeve:26 BOC: 32 Pit to pit: 22 Asking £80 > £60 > £55 plus shipping
Last kops for a while...maybe Cashmere Pantharella and a pair of RLPL socks RLPL Keaton tailored fit
Whats the sizing consensus on the pennies? run tts or 1/2 size big?
Black tassels in 11.5 please
X post from recent purchases My first Vincenzo di Ruggiero. Not with full Borrelli like handwork like some of the VdRs in this thread, but still has the sleeve, gusset, buttons hand sewn, much like Barba.
Hackett. Needed to up my casual shirt game.Vincenzo di Ruggiero [[SPOILER]]
They used to be made by Caruso, but all the current season ones are made in China and (often) poly blends.
The London store is closing February I understand
They're not sterling silver and weren't expensive. Solid metal though, pewter perhaps?
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