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Is this new?
Suit supply $469 .,en_US,pd.html?start=1&cgid=Suits&prefn1=style&prefv1=Evening
You can get a Corneliani made Polo Ralph Lauren suit in the sale for about £600 at the moment
Looking for new Polo Ralph Lauren suits. Will consider any colour/specification.
Well I'm only 26. Give it a go
In fact I did just buy the awesome box on its own. I already had the hat.It was a gift from my Grandfather who had bought it in the late 70's and never worn it. Brand new condition, no colour fading and fits perfectly.
No they were full price at nearly £600. They had as couple of styles of spectators made by EG at £360 ish
Lindricks are on sale in RL on Bond St for £380 down from about a grand. Not too bad for cordovan boots
Ill take a pair of the tassels in 11.5 when you have them. Please pm, thanks
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