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Up for sale are two pairs of Cashmere socks by Pantherella. These are the higher cashmere content variant - 85% cashmere, 15% nylon (for stretch). Buttery soft - really lux Retail on Jermyn St is £45 per pair. Take one pair for £22.50 £20 £15 or both for £27 including shipping worldwide.
I ordered a pair of black double monks last week. They sent me a brown pair
I have many pairs of merino, regular wool and cotton from Pantherella. They all go in the wash together no problem. I find the merino dont last as long as the others but this is due to them being a much finer gauge. Lovely to wear though.
3019 are worth considering also
Take it the second model are 714s. What are the first model?
Get them removed and brace buttons added
I ordered my first ever pair of black shoes - calf double monks. Should be here next week.
take the last three remaining ties for $150
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