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Let me know when you choose to ship international
Looks like New & Lingwood
Suit Supply, Boggi
Eat at The Delaunay
Any ideas?
Updated with measurements
To answer the thread that I started, I opted for a local resole on my Redways as I felt they were not looking their best, and as they were suede we're never goin to look their best again. A pair of c&j calf handgrades however, I took to c&j for the factory resole and they came back looking brand new. Pics in the last few pages of the c&j thread.
for which size?
I have here for a quick sale, several Polo Ralph Lauren 100% cashmere cardigans. Retail at £405 on the Polo website. Lovely soft hand. Classic style No pony logo Dark brown buttons Hunter navy Spare thread & button Medium: 2 1 available Large: 1 available £99 89 £75 or $130 Measurements M: CH: 21" SL: 25.5" collat to hem: 26" L: CH: 23" SL: 26" collar to hem: 27"
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