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Any does anybody have experience with buying Borrelli from elitebargainnyc?
$89 > $79
Raw green silk
massive price drop
I think the quality is pretty similar, but fit can vary so worth checking measurements. Shopthefinest has very detailed descriptions.
Has anyone purchased Borrelli shirts from elitebargainnyc on eBay? Good experiences? Good shirts?
Thanks - check out http://www.styleforum.net/t/303871/drakes-ties-reloaded-30-ties-silk-geometric-prints-all-49#post_5518915 for some Drake's ties
Give it a go, premium seller options aren't exactly expensive
2 brand new E. Marinella ties for sale. Still in plastic sleeves. $89 > $79 > $75 > 70 Take both for $140 > $130 Add $6 for shipping. 1) Silvery, creamy white with blue and red print. This is something special. 2) Petrol blue with copper and light blue geometric print
New Posts  All Forums: