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Sorry to bring up an old thread. Do Barba gold label shirts fit slim like black label or slightly roomier like white label? I'm wanting to get one off eBay but the seller doesn't want to measure for me.
NWOT Borrelli shirt for sale. Size 16/41, Brown micro gingham with french cuffs Handwork everywhere - buttonholes, placket, collar, gussets, gauntlet, shoulders - you get the idea. $99 > $95 > $89 Sleeves 36.5" Shoulders 22.5" Chest 24"
Not sure but I walked past the other weekend and the windows were whitewashed with big closing down sale signs up.Upon a closer look it said 'relocating' so I just wondered if they had set up elsewhere.
Does anyone know where they are relocatIng to since the St James' store closed down?
Real life pics of the tassel loafers? Probably going to order tomorrow
Buy a couple of these - http://shop.uniqlo.com/uk/goods/069233
The only worthwhile one listed above is Zara and even then you can do a lot better. Avoid all of the other shops mentioned above.II think Uniqlo and Gap should be the minimum level of quality to aim for.
Does it have to be online?I would stay away from ordering online until you have honed your style somewhat and you know what will fit you and what will not.Buy basics from Uniqlo such as dark selvedge jeans, plain t shirts, oxford cloth button down shirts and linen shirtsGap will be good for slim fit chinos. Buy some suede loafers as a smarter alternative to deck shoes.Focus on the correct fit and buy staple items. Do not buy things that are 'in season'. They will be out of...
Great ties, make a fantastic knot
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