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Have 1 x Caruso SC, 1 x Caruso Suit, 2 x Corneliani/PRL tweed SCs incoming. In the meantime, various gifts and kops: Albert slippers appear black but are in fact tartan:
Claverton Twilight Blue Calf
Whnay if I'm not mistaken. Nice POW coat.
Any pocket squares?
Are picture 2 & 4 the same tie?
All items are brand new. 9cm / 3.5" wideA couple of them have the keeper sewn in but not tacked down in the corners. All are noted and price adjusted.Marinella tags have been removedWorldwide Shipping will be $6.50 untracked or $14 with tracking.1) Pocket square $40 $30 SOLD2) Dark navy with blue and red. $60 [2 1 available] sold [[SPOILER]] 3) Navy with copper and blue flowers. $60 sold [[SPOILER]] 4) Navy with copper, silver and blue flowers. Keeper not tacked down $50...
Now just $79
Another price drop to $89
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