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Corneliani mainline DB overcoat just in time for winter. Virgin wool, angora and cashgora. Appears black but is very dark blue.
Just wondered if you knew the model name on these amazing shoes? MTO only?
Shame I missed them.I also like the idea of something in navy calf like these EGs
Yes, beautiful. I'd love purple suede, but a shade of brown is probably a lot more versatile.
+1 I'd be interested in a rerun of the Navy shell austerity brogue. Or possibly a dark brown calf/suede balmoral boot
+1 Barba is great. Do you size up for Black label compare to Gold?
Nicest thing i've seen in a while on this forum
Lovely tie
Yes correct
The top pair was done by C&J. Had them done a couple of months ago and the sole went spongey after
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