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I saw these labels in the most recent collection. Retail price was about half the Corneliani price so I doubt they are made by them.
Selling three Hilditch & Key shirts. All have been used gently and have no marks, rips or stains. There are no collar rings, underarm stains or fraying to collar/cuffs. Size 16, slim fit with cutaway collars and 2 button cuffs. One light blue, one pink and one ecru. Asking £25£20 £15 each of £60 £50 £40 for all three. Postage on top at cost.
Nice, how do these fit - true to size or could size down half?
A shame, I really like the Corneliani made PRL stuff. It has become the foundation of my wardrobe.
For sale are several handmade silk ties. Brand new and I've a couple of each design. All are lightly lined and tie a fantastic knot. The silks are handprinted in England. Brown [sold out] Green tie[1 left] is fully handmade in Italy. Royal blue [2 left] is fully handmade in England. The quality IMO is comparable to Drake's, Marinella etc. All are 3.5" wide and £40 £35 £30 £25 £20 £18 each Postage is £5 worldwide without tracking or £10 with tracking.
I've had MTM in London before which I was a little dissapointed with. Simone's product is vastly superior in terms of fit and fabric choice. I only opted with the extra handwork so that it would be more comparable to my Neapolitan RTW shirts.I'll probably make a couple of changes such as a slightly longer sleeve, but wouldn't hesitate to order more in the future, especially at such a competitive price point. I've also got a bespoke shirt in the works from Satriano Cinque -...
X-post from the Gentlemens Footwear thread.
Yes I wore it the day after I received it, really happy with it.Simone visits NY and London a couple of times a year. If you find yourself in either place at the same time as him, you can get measured up. I got a good fit without a trial shirt.
Hand sewn buttonholes, shoulders and crows foot stitching was something like an extra €20 or 30. If I hadn't opted for this it would have been an entirely machine made shirt. Not a bad thing at all, but just worth noting.
Yes it's the loden string loafer. Agree that the website photos make them look lighter. Will post some pictures when I wear them.It's the matching belt to the shoes
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