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Yeah I bought them around the time they first launched. There was a lot of hype about them being comparable to C&J, which they are not, unfortunately. I had a faulty pair (squeaky welt) and had to have them exchanged. Kind of turned me off the brand, plus I wasn't convinced by the level of finishing and styling on some models.I have the string loafers from Carmina (in a UK11) and they are miles apart in terms of quality. That little bit extra is worth it in my opinion.
Haha exactly the same issue with rubbing underneath the cap toe. I have not ever exerienced this before and I consider myself to have very average feet. Have put it down to them having a lower quality leather that doesn't seem to have softened much over the last 2 years. Probably wouldn't purchase from them again.
I have exactly the same shoes, same size and I get the same problem. I find the leather has not really softened over time and properly 'broken in'.
Price dropped to £125 for the RLBL
Nice outfit with navy trousers
excellent thread, thank you.
I think this tag is older Corneliani. Does anyone know how this might fit generally speaking? I'm just wary of any low armholes and a terribly dated fit.
That navy cashmere is a good deal
Great shoes. One of my most versatile pairs.
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