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Fused neckband with a light or medium unfused lining in the collar
I experienced this on a new pair of Meermin's. I contacted them and they replaced them after I had worn then a handful of times. I would assume it is a defect, but I don't know on what part - the welt perhaps rubbing against the sole?
Where does it say this is an Albini cloth?
Shoe laces should not exactly match the colour and/or material of the shoes. The laces on a decent pair of dress shoes shoes should not be long enough to tuck in either...
Buy shorter laces
Great colour palette and textures
Probably going to order my first shirt in the next few days. Is the consensus that one will get better results measuring an existing shirt or submitting body measurements? I've got a well fitting bespoke shirt so I would hope for a good fit off the bat.
Retail stores?
Looking for a recommendation for denim. Currently wearing APC NS, but would prefer something with a slightly higher rise. Must be raw and minimalist in design. I'm looking at 3sixteen 30BSP, but would like to hear other (cheaper) options.
I mean the quality is obvious from the pictures alone.
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