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What adjustments have been made?
I don't think any reputable bespoke house will make you a suit without any fittings (I.e. Just taking your measurements at the initial consultation). Your best best is some sort of MTM, but I would lower your expectations accordingly (you won't be getting Savile Row bespoke).
Actually the laces were changed when they were resoled (3rd party). They are too thick for my liking and I will revert back to the original thin, waxed ones shortly.
Westfield. In my opinion the most versatile pair in my collection. I would wear them with anything.
My humble collection. All C&J apart from the bonus loden suede Carmina's on the end. [[SPOILER]]
Sent them an email several months ago about this. No reply obv.
Me too
Brown woven silk tie. Handmade in Italy. Free to a good home. Just pay postage. Gone.
A velvet siren suit would be ideal.
Selling a gently used Raffaele Caruso Sartoria Parma jacket. Khaki herringbone "old cotton", which is a Solaro like fabric with a red/teracotta backing. Size 52(42)R 3 patch pockets Side vents Unlined Soft shoulders 3r2 Non functional cuffs BOC: 30" P2P: 22: Sleeve: 25 Shoulder: 18.75 Asking £150 shipped worldwide.
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