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Check the size 40s if you usually wear a 38.I take a 36 and sized up to a 38 for a comfortable fit.
The quality is apparent
What exactly is Royal Oxford? I have the regular oxford which is thick and textured and the pinpoint oxford which is thinner and more refined with less texture. I also own the Dobby which I find bobbles at the collar - probably won't be ordering any more of them.
Check out www.meermin.es
Love this jacket. B&Tailor put out some lovely clothes and have one of the best Tumblr's to boot.
3 ties remaining
Prices dropped
Prices have been dropped
Does anyone have a recommendation for a good leather conditioner? I have a pair of C&Js that seem to have permanently dry heel counters which appear lightly cracked. I normally use Saphir Renovateur which alleviates the problem slightly, but it always returns. I've stripped the shoes of excess polish once before with Lexol Cleaner and then applied Renovateur but it doesn't seem the Saphir really penetrates the leather to deep condition it. Plus i've also read negative...
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