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Quite enjoy it, nice quality, although it tends to be very samey
More drops
Let us know how you get on.
Shorten from the shoulder?
My thoughts exactly. I appreciate the weave is similar, but to me an End on End has tiny uniform squares caused by the weave and a smooth finish. A chambray (to me at least) has a casual, slubbier almost linen like texture. The latter is more appealing to me, the former I associate with more formal dress shirts.
Han anyone experience of the monogram offered by Luxire? Is it handsewn or machined?
Probably a combination of both and the material relaxing. My flannel trousers generally revert to their normal state once in my trouser press which is a combination of pressure and gentle heat.
Love Barba shirts, they were my staple before moving to MTM/bespoke. Still have nicer fabrics and buttons than some of my MTM!
Great jacket!
^ What an epic haul!
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