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Any recommendations for a relatively affordable fabric for a first order? Looking for something versatile that could be worn casually if the sizing ends up a little off. Interested if anyone has experience with the white pique for a polo shirt made-up with a dress shirt collar?
2 of my favourite images of HRH. Love the military press on the suit sleeves.
I know it has been reported about him using Cleverley and perhaps the odd SR tailor, but he now almost exclusively wears RL for formal wear, usually RLBL. I would agree that he is largely very well put together, especially for a celebrity. Most celebrities trying to seem stylish nowadays seem to wear ill-fitting Tom Ford suits.
Asking $240 plus shipping
Closet clearing some of my ties.Postage is on top at cost. £5 for untracked or £10 with tracking.1) New & Lingwood. 100% wool. Worn once maybe. Asking £15 SOLD [[SPOILER]] 2) New & Lingwood. 100% wool. Worn once maybe. Asking £153) Polo Ralph Lauren. Great vintage floral design. Asking £104) Henry Carter 6 fold regimental stripe. Worn maybe 3 times. Asking £20 SOLD [[SPOILER]] 5) Bespoke tie made in England for me. Beautiful handrolled edges, worn once or twice. Light...
Selling a few closet items that have not been worn enough (or at all).Excuse the poor quality photos. Photo of lapel/shoulder is most representative of colour. Measurements are available upon genuine interest. Postage on top at cost. [[SPOILER]] Secondly I have a NWOT Navy Ralph Lauren Black Label 6x2 DB blazer, The fabric is a wool micro herringbone, giving some nice surface interest. Size 42L Made in Italy by Caruso. I have swapped the buttons to white MOP, but can...
Retail is $995, asking just $299
What is the primary reason for wanting MTM? Your budget of £600 could get you a suit of much higher quality if you looked at Ready to Wear. Going MTM is not going to guarantee a perfect fit or end result first time around. A lot of people only manage to dial in their fit/preferences after the second, third suit. For £600 you could pick up something quite nice in the summer sales - look at Polo Ralph Lauren, Dunhill, Gieves & Hawkes, Hackett etc P.S. avoid 'A Suit That...
I find it to be no different than any other silicone suede protector
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