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Understand what you mean now. In short, no. The fabric code is different. To my eye they look the same, but I think the jacket is half a shade darker. The weave and composition is exactly the same.
Which gray ones are you referring to?
Measurements added inside the spoiler tags.
I have several summer weight sports coats and trousers for sale. They are all mainline Corneliani. All are brand new with tags and spare buttonsTrousers retails for £280 and the jackets from £1200-£1400.Asking £85 £75 for trousers and £210 £200 for jackets inclusive of worldwide shipping. I am not open to offers.Wool/Silk/Linen hopsack 50R SOLD [[SPOILER]] Wol/silk basketweave 50RSide vents2 buttonSoft shoulderFlapped besom pocketsFully linedSilky smooth handBeautiful MOP...
OP said he wanted the shoes for casual wear, so for me suede is always my first choiceI would not wear calf with casual trousers such as jeans, cords, moleskins, but I would wear suede with both casual trousers and a suit. I think it depends greatly on your lifestyle.
I like the second pair, but I would get them in suede. In my opinion much more casual and versatile.
This is not true. In London there are many options to get a conservative trouser with side adjusters as part of a suit. A buff or grey waistcoat is also easily available from the same shops. Ede & Ravenscroft, New & Lingwood, Turnbull & Asser, Pakeman, Catto & Carter (online) to name just a few.
You should check out Suit Supply - http://eu.suitsupply.com/. Just down the road from Ralph Lauren on Vigo St. You can get a very good suit for £300-£500.
What sort of jacket did you order?
Unless you are looking for a very particular style or are hard to fit, MTM or bespoke is perhaps unnecessary. You could do very well at a good RTW retailer such as Ralph Lauren on Bond St for all of your needs.If you do venture into bespoke, there is such a huge range on offer from entry level (http://www.grahambrowne.co.uk) to well respected Savile Row (http://thesavilerowtailor.co.uk/) that it is hard to offer a suggestion without knowing more. At the upper end of this...
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