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I think you could do with reducing the cuff circumference measurement, so the cuff sits close to your wrist and also lengthening the sleeves on your suit.
I think the sleeves could be significantly longer.
With second hand shoes, you don't know how the previous owner has taken care of them, using the wrong polish, wax etc. Could be lots of build up. I would start by cleaning them thoroughly with Lexol cleaner, some water and a brush. My care routine for cordovan is to wipe with a wet/damp cloth, leave to dry and then polish to a shine with a horsehair brush. I periodically use some Saphir cordovan cream.
Sorry, what I meant by theoretical was "does it cause you any real world problems" aside from looking different when laid flat. Obviously from your answer it does.I imagine the slimmer you wear your shirts, the more of a problem this will be. If they are cut more generously the issue will just be contained in a fold of fabric I imagine. It's not something I had ever considered, but good to know.
Is this pitch? I though pitch was to do with the rotation of a sleeve, rather than the angle the sleeve is attached to the body. Does it actually cause any issues that you can see, or is your question theoretical?
I think this is the jacket you are thinking of. I agree it looks very good, although the shoulders look to have some structure.I'm considering ordering an unstructured blazer as you describe in Minnis Fresco. I'd like to see some existing examples of sports coats Luxire have produced to reassure me before I drop $750.
]Nice, where are the jodhpurs from?
That is a steal
12 days since I placed my shirt order to tell me the fabric is out of stock
I have this jacket, it's one of my favourites.
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