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What benefits does it provide? I get the water repellent qualities, but I find my shoes still pick up mark and such as normal.
I would say hardly ever. I don't see any particular benefit. If I spray shoes, then wear them once any discernible benefit seems to dissapear almost immediately.I just clean marks off with a suede brush on a day to day basis. I use suede foam/cleaner when shoes are a little dirtier. If really dirty, I will wash under warm running water with a brush and Lexol cleaner.
Does anyone own the JAMIE hatchgrain loafers? Interested to hear how versatile these are as a casual loafer. Coming from someone who wears suede almost exclusively, I thought these might be a nice alternative.
So good to see this thread on fire recently. @razl and @marblehouse do an amazing job providing such detailed posts, big thanks!
@luxire Do you have the Albini chambray available? Would be up for ordering a couple...
Would you be able to add the actual waist and inseam?
A steal
I'd be up for fun colour chinos.
Selling a polo shirt from Boggi Milano. Bought last year and worn once. Made from a wonderful open weave pique cotton called Fil D'Ecosse. Smooth and breezy. Button front, split hem, cutaway collar. Size L Bought for £99. Asking £35 plus postage.
Label says #144 FL14 which I assume is last year. It's a great jacket.
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