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For sale is a pair of trousers made by Incotex for Kent & Curwen.These are all slim fitting, especially through the leg and I would recommend sizing up one. Closeups are most representative of colour. Postage will be £10 untracked or £14 with tracking worldwide. UK is free. 1) Greyish brown donegal. Size 38. Asking £99. £79 £69 Pictures are of another identical sized 36 pair, but these are tagged a 38. Split, pleated, curtained waistband 3 point closure Belt loop...
No sold a while ago
Looks legit
Here. Is it just me or do the shoulders look awfully square and built up?
Measurements for the Caruso?
Do you have measurements?
Very nice
That isaia is nice
Agree, I don't find them particularly friendly.
Just has a bounceback to 'enquiries'. Any other leads would be appreciated. Particularly to contact the factory directly.
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