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I think you need to specify more details such as budget, otherwise you will be recommended Savile Row tailors. Obviously, if your budget permits, Savile Row would be the place to start. Also, why would you wear trousers and a waistocoat, but no jacket? You risk looking like a waiter.
Nice photos
They should be exactly the same although I know The Armoury offer a version with a lower vamp
Looks really good, what collar did you go for?
Is that a gingham IRL? Looks like a puppytooth
You could probably have another couple of inches in length. Personal preference really. The longer the shirt, the less likely to come untucked.I think either method of measuring the sleeve should work.
It depends how you are wearing the shirt. If tucked and with a jacket, longer sleeves and longer length definitely. I find a good measure for sleeve length is for the cuff to hit just above the V created by thumb and forefinger.
I think you could do with reducing the cuff circumference measurement, so the cuff sits close to your wrist and also lengthening the sleeves on your suit.
I think the sleeves could be significantly longer.
With second hand shoes, you don't know how the previous owner has taken care of them, using the wrong polish, wax etc. Could be lots of build up. I would start by cleaning them thoroughly with Lexol cleaner, some water and a brush. My care routine for cordovan is to wipe with a wet/damp cloth, leave to dry and then polish to a shine with a horsehair brush. I periodically use some Saphir cordovan cream.
New Posts  All Forums: