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Probably a combination of both and the material relaxing. My flannel trousers generally revert to their normal state once in my trouser press which is a combination of pressure and gentle heat.
Love Barba shirts, they were my staple before moving to MTM/bespoke. Still have nicer fabrics and buttons than some of my MTM!
Great jacket!
^ What an epic haul!
Selling a solid navy RLPL double breasted suit. Wore this once to an afternoon wedding, otherwise in essentially new condition. No alterations made and the full inseam of the trousers is available. Tagged 42L, but the jacket fits slim (almost like RLBL) 6 x 2 double breasted Side vents Ticket pocket Double forward pleated trousers Side adjusters Brown matte horn buttons Kissing, functional sleeve buttons Made in Italy by Caruso Incredible amount of handwork including a...
Turnbull & Asser, Sean O'Flynn...
Could be a Thomas mason denim. I have something quite similar.
Price drops
Well oxford cloth is the ideal for an OCBD. I suppose end on end would make a fine button down, but I don't personally like it.
Thanks for the info, might give it another go then. I've got a couple of cans at home.
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