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Norman Hilton perhaps?
My size, 42L. If it's a custom fit I guess it will fit a 40L
Drop to £325
Thanks. I pulled the trigger anyway, so I guess i'll be finding out in a couple of days. It didn't say Custom Fit on the label and it had pleated trousers that I associate with more traditional fits.It's a solid navy so shouldn't be too hard to flip if the fit is an utter fail.
Black suit for a wedding? Is it a dinner suit?
What is so peculiar about your body shape that requires all shirts or jackets to be tailored so heavily? I suspect there will likely be a brand that you can find OTR that will fit perfectly well, you just don't know where yet. Try looking somewhere like Uniqlo that offers the basics for cheap (Oxford cloth shirts, dark denim, merino knitwear, casual blazers etc) so you can get an idea of what you actually like/want before you drop serious ££ on MTM. You can get a blazer...
Excited to receive my loden string loafers!
Buy a custom fit if you want it to be snug
Price drop to £350
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