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No problem, b&s was once an immense place. I think we owe it to each other to get it kick started again.I bought my first pair of proper shoes there - suede tassel C&Js worn maybe a couple of times for £90 shipped across the other side of the world to me...I'd like to pay it back...
Yes, of course body shape is a determining factor. Conversely you might find the same size in a non-custom fit model to be too large.I tried on my usual size in a Drake Custom last week and I couldn't even get it my shoulders into it.
Some great deals on B&S currently. $450 for a NWT Corneliani suit from @jreigen, here $79 for new Marinella ties from @mburer, here $395 for BN Cleverley's from@dr_hoopin, here $375 for BN C&J Snowdons from @mxgreen, here $950 for BN Galways from @earthdragon, here
I would say the following: RLPL Savile - Classic fit TTS. No custom fit variant AFAIK RLPL Drake - Slimmer fit, drop 6, sometimes pleated trousers. Similar fit to RLBL with a classic fit trouser and less padded shoulder RLPL Drake Custom Fit - Much slimmer fit, best to size up. Custom Fit label inside jacket. Flat front trousers PRL Custom Fit - Soft shoulder, very slim fitting, best to size up.
Final price drop before eBay
To answer my original question myself:The suit arrived and fits me perfectly. The cut is just slightly trimmer than the Savile without the need to size up.I would conclude therefore that Savile fits true to size. Drake fits slightly slimmer. If the label says custom fit (usually on a Drake model) it will fit a size smaller. This ties in with PRL models that have a custom fit variant. They generally fit a size smaller also.The fit seemed very similar to my RLBL Anthony DB....
Norman Hilton perhaps?
My size, 42L. If it's a custom fit I guess it will fit a 40L
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