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Yes do, it's a cool shirt. Pretty versatile I think. I'd wear it with shorts, jeans or like today with chinos and a light polo collared sweater. And obviously works with a jacket too.
Not sure if I messaged you about this, but yes it's available. It's not marked as custom but it fits smaller than my Savile Row model stuff.
The fact that it's a one-piece has little bearing on how it looks. Just makes it a little more casual with more of a roll in the fabric around the collar.Unfortunately the spread is not wide enough and the points don't reach under my lapels. This seems to be the case with all my BDs from Luxire. I even specifically asked for this one to have a wide spread than normal. Not sure how to remedy it.My inspiration was a G.Inglese collar which I sent a photo of.
Updated sold items.
Do you mean in terms of what one would wear it with? (It's mine btw)
Of course, all are 3.5" apart from the knit which is 3".
Selling a few bits from my personal wardrobe.Shipping is £4 untracked worldwide or £9.50 with tracking and insurance.Drake's Aztec silk/wool square. Unworn. £40 £35 £30 SOLD [[SPOILER]] Drake's Dog silk/wool square. Worn once or twice. Small mill flaw. £30 £25 £20Green knit tie. Bears the label of a local bespoke tailor. Same maker as the Rubinacci knits. Worn a couple of times. 3" wide. £25 £20 £15 SOLD [[SPOILER]] Green macclesfield print. Handrolled edges. Same maker as...
I would assume if those suits have gone through the outlet stores and onto the eBay sellers at big discounts, they are not that recent. But I'm not sure about the label. The recent RLPL I've seen has not had any makers labels.
Do you have a photo?
@luxire What is the difference between the Navy Pique and the Navy Pique that has been on the site for a while? I don't see the wisdom in having multiple similar fabrics if there is nothing to differentiate them? The same goes for other fabrics i.e. at least 6 different types of 'standard' navy chino.
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