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Selling a new pair of Polo Ralph Lauren tassel loafers. Made in England by Crockett & Jones. New, unworn condition. Heel taps installed. Minor shop wear and some light creases. Size is 11.5D US. These are a little tight on my 11UK feet, so would advise best for a 10.5 UK. Retail for a new pair of C&J tassels is around £370, Polo branded ones are around £570. Asking £200 shipped worldwide.
Received my first Luxire shirt.Generally very impressed. Some thoughts: The cuffs seem too short in length, will ask to be longer next time. The collar is quite high (2inch) but not sure it tapers enough to the front. Still very happy with it and it looks good with or without a tie. The shirred shoulder and cuffs are nicely executed. [[SPOILER]]
It would be really helpful if you could add the fabric mill name to the listing (where possible). I know brand =/ quality, but it's a good benchmark.
An easy fix by your tailor. These measurements are pretty standard, so not sure you will find much slimmer without some tailoring.
Understand what you mean now. In short, no. The fabric code is different. To my eye they look the same, but I think the jacket is half a shade darker. The weave and composition is exactly the same.
Which gray ones are you referring to?
Measurements added inside the spoiler tags.
I have several summer weight sports coats and trousers for sale. They are all mainline Corneliani. All are brand new with tags and spare buttonsTrousers retails for £280 and the jackets from £1200-£1400.Asking £85 £75 for trousers and £210 £200 for jackets inclusive of worldwide shipping. I am not open to offers.Wool/Silk/Linen hopsack 50R SOLD [[SPOILER]] Wol/silk basketweave 50RSide vents2 buttonSoft shoulderFlapped besom pocketsFully linedSilky smooth handBeautiful MOP...
OP said he wanted the shoes for casual wear, so for me suede is always my first choiceI would not wear calf with casual trousers such as jeans, cords, moleskins, but I would wear suede with both casual trousers and a suit. I think it depends greatly on your lifestyle.
New Posts  All Forums: