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Well I think it would be proportional to the chest. i.e. not the same size on a 38" as it would be on a 44". I'm not too sure exactly, might be best to have a look at one in person. Around 4 inches I would guess?
You can search the forum for discussion on the TF silhouette, but essentially it is a wide peaked lapel with a clean, shaped chest, roped shoulder, trim waist. It's an exaggerated masculine shape. Other details like 5 cuff buttons and large pocket flaps are signature.
Perfect, are they thick or thin?
Does anyone have close-up photos of the different shirt button options? The standard MOP buttons are a little too 'milky white' for my taste, not quite as pearlescent as my RTW shirts.
Who is making your suit? The wide lapel is a hallmark of the TF cut, it might be unwise to expect a tailor not familiar with that cut and style to replicate it faithfully.
Nice, I really like those cuffs. I think Luxire's replication work is very solid.
Very nice
Very solid price for what looks like C&J.
Thanks. I need at least 26.5 sleeve so won't work for me if it already has surgeons cuffs.
What adjustments have been made?
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