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Selling a Barba Napoli shirt. Size 16.5/42. It's been washed and either worn once or not at all. Striped chambray fabric in white/taupe, great for summer. Hand stitched shoulder, buttons, gusset etc.
Just my opinion, but I think that shirts are photographed best when folded and with the top button done up. You really get to see the attributes of the collar this way. Of the photos you have posted recently, I really cant discern much difference in collar shape.It would be nice if there was also a photo gallery of the stock collar shapes. Most of the time I would be happy with one of these, or a variation of, rather than having to describe a collar from scratch. Something...
Selling a lightly used navy wool blazer. 2 button, single vent and very soft shoulders. No issues, but the buttons are not attached as I had planned to change them but never got around to it. Will include a set of smoked MOP if you like. Just pay shipping Shoulder 19.25 Sleeve 26.25 BOC 32.75 Pit to pit 22.25
Picked up a new shirt. [[SPOILER]]
Do you have a photo and order reference number?
Fused neckband with a light or medium unfused lining in the collar
I experienced this on a new pair of Meermin's. I contacted them and they replaced them after I had worn then a handful of times. I would assume it is a defect, but I don't know on what part - the welt perhaps rubbing against the sole?
Where does it say this is an Albini cloth?
Shoe laces should not exactly match the colour and/or material of the shoes. The laces on a decent pair of dress shoes shoes should not be long enough to tuck in either...
Buy shorter laces
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