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Absolute pleasure. Look forward to seeing them in the WAYWT thread.Ties are en-route
I have to say I was very disappointed with the pair of cottons I received. Very flimsy, doesn't hold a crease and has an almost brushed texture, which seems peculiar.
Selling a brand new pair of C&J Bostons, the classic penny loafer. Black calf. Brand new, no box or bags. Size 11 UK. Marked EE, but these feel like normal width to me. Asking $350 $275 shipped worldwide.
What are you going to wear a brown shirt with?
How about asking for a locker loop? Traditionally on the back of the shirt, but you could easily have it placed inside.
Collar looks great, thoughts on the fabric?
Brand New Edward Green Piccadilly suede loafers £229 or best offer http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-EDWARD-GREEN-Mens-Brown-Suede-Slip-On-Piccadilly-Loafer-Shoes-UK-9-5-EU43-5-/131574852894?hash=item1ea278ed1e
Thanks, they look much nicer imo. Still quite white and milky though, rather than pearlescent.
Does anyone have a photo of the thin MOP buttons?
I have the light blue chambray from my bespoke shirtmaker and it's awesome. IMO I would source some nicer buttons than the ones Luxire offers to do the cloth justice.
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