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That wool is a killer for sure (and I think only one in stock now). But I think the Macclesfield silk prints should have some love too. In fact I will have a little promo on those tomorrow Remember: I still have free worldwide shipping on everything until end of day Sunday Cheers H
Cheers mate. Free international delivery also extends to Scotland so don't be afraid to order
Hi Guys,All of the shirts have now sold. Sorry if I couldn't get back to everyone individually, there was a real flurry of PMs after @razl's post.
Unlikely, but I'll let you know if I do.
As I have recently started my own tie company, H.N. White, this will probably be my last B&S listing here. A bit of discussion has been had on the B&S thread (which @razl so attentively updates) about how good it used to be 'back in the day', and its decline ever since. I therefore thought it would be cool to offer some shirts at a price much lower than I normally would, to perhaps briefly re-live that heyday. Ok, so for sale I have some amazing shirts from...
Thanks for the mention Cleav. Love the outfit. Suede and flannel is my all time favourite.
Thanks for the mention. Let me know if I can give you any further information.Thanks chaps.
Absolute pleasure. Look forward to seeing them in the WAYWT thread.Ties are en-route
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