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Yes, worrying too much
Your insight is invaluable. I'd like to ask another question that has been on my mind relating to the lifespan of a pair of shoes, you may know the answer or at least have an idea.A pair of shoes can be rewelted a finite number of times (I understand around 4 times or as long as the uppers hold up) and each welt can take a finite number of resoles (2 -3 on average?). Why does a typical Northampton manufacturer insist on replacing the welt each time they perform a resole?...
Yup. Also, single vented suit
Yes, quite. I think I need to find a new cobbler. Will most likely be sending any other shoes back to the manufacturer where possible. Thanks anyway.
Thank you for your reply, I hope the following photos illustrate what I am trying to get at. The welt is definitely dry, I can pick it apart with my nails.I should probably have sent them back to the manufacturer for the repair work, but I go through my soles relatively quickly and find it hard to stomach £120 each time.Finding a quality cobbler in London seems to be rather difficult. I was quoted £60 to rewelt and £90 for a resole. Total £150 ($230). This is more than...
I've a pair of C&J shoes that had been resoled once (not at the factory). Just took them in for a second resole and was told the welt was very dry. The new sole has been attached, just, but you can clearly see the welt is damaged//disintegrating. As C&J won't take these back for a recraft now (where they would replace the welt) I can only assume they are good for the bin once these soles are worn? Can anyone see a solution?
Boglioli? http://www.trunkclothiers.com/brands/boglioli
The Tom Ford cut is very aggressive with a strong, structured, masculine silhouette. Steed cuts a soft, drape cut, so polar opposites really.
Colin Firth's suit is Tom Ford
[[SPOILER]] Collar details please. What did you base it on?
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