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As a tall bloke I've been trying to love the USA fit ( they are the Only cut with enough inseam to get the all important 2" cuff that SF dictates and I'm 6"2 tall) However... Am I the ONLY one to think that they are not a particularly flattering fit off the bat? The leg opening flaps all over the shop. Trying to get used to it, but I think group think does not win here. I'm not particularly slim but I think a tapering to the leg would benefit... Interested in SF...
Whats the tagged size?
My first MTM shirt. Slightly disappointed by the fit, which is far too blousy in both the body and sleeves. Hopefully this can be rectified. I'm rather happy with the fabric (Acorn, which i supplied) and the collar which was customised for me, increasing band height and length of points from a standard cutaway.
Selling a NWT Corneliani navy blazer. S150s wool Lower patch pockets Pick stitching MOP buttons Side vents 2 buttons Very minimal shoulder padding Lined in shoulders/sleeves only Asking £200 plus shipping. Measurements on request. Shoulders 18.25 Sleeve 25.5 (just a bit over) Pit to pit 21.25 BOC 31
Selling a NWT RLPL linen sports coat Cameron model which fits similarly to Drake. 2 button, side vents, bellows patch pockets. Handwork throughout including all buttons sewn by hand. Sleeves unfinished (buttons not included) Asking £299 £275 £260 plus shipping BOC 32 Shoulder 18.75 Pit to pit 22 Sleeve 27
Nice...my size
I actually haven't given it much thought. Carmina have a nice suede stock model on their site perhaps which to base it off.Open to suggestion, but would prefer a plain captoe, speedhooks, sleek last, perhaps a chisel, maybe snuff suede (although I'd love to own something in tobacco), leather sole or dainite I don't care...Talk to me
Would anyone be interested in an Agnelli-esque all suede dress boot? Most of the GMTO stuff i see is shell, while beautiful, I would get little wear out of. Suedes my thing... Hit me up if this interests you.
I've seen them in the Cleverley shop, about £900 if I remember
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