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It sounds like you need to have the tie re-slipped. Somewhere like http://tiecrafters.com should be able to help.
yeah, even if you had to add a fifth button. Definite instakop at that price.
I'm sure they have their stuff made all over the world, Thailand included. YKK is just a brand of zip, the biggest manufacturer in the world iirc. I'm not sure the country of origin is the best measure for determining authenticity.
Last call before I keep this.
Last call before I keep or donate these.
Last call before I go on an extreme diet in order for this to work.
Instakop if these are your size
Selling 2 x Kent Wang polo shirts. Both size XL White is short sleeved (small mark on the lower back). Navy is long sleeved. Used but good condition. £30 £25 for both plus shipping.
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