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FYI - are having a Yuketen sale
one more (thanks, pipersson!)
see below
eBay: LINK Eternal 811 The Flat Head x SelfEdge SE05BSP Buzz Rickson's Chambray Tricker's Lambourn Free & Easy Lightning Men's File The Real McCoy Flannel Mister Freedom Shore Jacket Feel free to use the price suggest function, or offer me an IRON HEART IHSH-31 in Large/Navy for exchange!
Quote: Originally Posted by batorizer So this is the Vintage? no, this is the leather soul ultimate indy!
Quote: Originally Posted by Ahab Are these shell? no, calf. AF89 from alden of carmel.
Quote: Originally Posted by batorizer Any info on The Vintage or The Ultimate Jumper from the LeatherSoul preorder? what kind of info? i just got mine - see above.
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