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Up for sale are these mint condition Edward Green Mercer shoes in navy suede. They are a 9UK/9.5US and on the 82 last. They have been worn no more than 5 times and I'm selling them simply because I've had them for 2 years and haven't got the use out of them compared to my other shoes. I bought them new at Leffot and the price was $1160. Offered at $525 plus shipping.
Hi there,The Waist is 34 roughly, measures 17 inches straight across. The person that I'm selling it fr is a 48 in the Windsor fit. This jacket is about 1/2 inch shorter than the regular.
I saw Birdman, you know I just didn't like it near as much at the 90 something rotten tomatoes score. I thought Whiplash was considerably better.
This is a very special suit. It is a 56 Base B three roll two solid blue staple suit by Tom Ford. This is an F series fabric which is no longer available off the rack, to get this cloth you must do a made to measure which starts over 10K. The suit has been altered down to size 54 dimensions by the TF boutique and has a little more room to go but I've lost too much weight to tailor to what I need now. This is a staple suit and is beautiful. Condition is 9.5 out of 10,...
what a great guy and a class act. Not to0 many like you around Spoo
Whiplash is fantastic
Here is the thing....there is much more than appearance to TF clothing. I started like you, wanting the look but unable to afford it. I bought a few pieces that were close but until I bought my first TF I didn't realize just how far away I was. If you go to SS you'll spend close to $1000 after tailoring to get something resembling the look you're after. But if you go to some aftermarket TF sellers on eBay or here you could be buying a genuine TF suit from anywhere...
Yes, I meant brand ambassador, just mistyped. There is no such thing and you read an on line blog where the writer was referring to what he claimed. Check his website, there is no reference to working with/for TF because that would get him sued.His interviews are a complete ripoff of TF quotes. And he is very careful of his wording to imply that he worked with TF when he is really saying that he's "inspired" by TF. Not bad a business strategy.....Anyways, clothing is...
I've heard of them. Not a "brand manager" lol, just a rich boy who was a TF fan. They have certainly copied TF style but the quality is not even remotely close.
I would just ignore that hate, I think the car looks great! What else did you compare it to? Great color.
New Posts  All Forums: