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That is amazing. I have that exact watch and mine looks identical; I would never be able to tell them apart. Lucky I bought mine from an AD.
I read the book; also saw the movie when it came out and remember not liking it. I'll have to give it another shot now.
Just watched this last night. What a great movie! Thanks guys. Had not even heard of it, these are the best type of movies
great coat at a great price; bump for fantastic guy.
I daily drove a 2006 Cayman S for 7 and 1/2 years. My buddy has a base boxster. If the base cayman came out first I would have bought it. I did notice the power difference between mine and my friends car but nothing that I felt is necessary. You buy both cars for the handling, not the power. If I had the base car i'd just red line it more.
can't wait for that new MB manager seeing you get this.
Fit f in a new cut basesd on the James Bond suit. It is similar in fit to a base b fit
I still don't know what happened in that movie
Or....some of us just learning from the best. Spoo was kind enough to help me with my first eBay listings a few years ago
Received the swimsuits today spoo, they are beautiful. Thanks again.
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