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Fit f in a new cut basesd on the James Bond suit. It is similar in fit to a base b fit
I still don't know what happened in that movie
Or....some of us just learning from the best. Spoo was kind enough to help me with my first eBay listings a few years ago
Received the swimsuits today spoo, they are beautiful. Thanks again.
I am selling two pair of my Gaziano and Girling (Windsor's and Gable's) in 9E. The have extremely limited wear, the Gables have only been worn twice and the Windsor's three times. I am selling because the MH 71 last just doesn't work as well for me as I would like. This is why they have such little use. Anyways, I have priced them at $500 each which is very reasonable considering the excellent shape they are in. I have original boxes and shoe bags. Shipping is extra.
I just bought those exact same ones.
Decided to go with the Nice in green and the Mayfair in vintage oak from Arne at Leatherfoot. What a great guy he is! Bought the lasted trees as well. Decided to hold off on the Rothschild; I like it but I seem to like lots of shoes. I'm still really wanting to pick up the Wigmore's at some point too. Will most likely be selling my Windsor's and Savoy's in size 9E. Thanks everyone.
Ha ha, sorry. I'm a 9UK
What color is that?
Hi all, Currently have 6 pairs of Gaziano and Girling (Windsor, Gable, Biarritz, St. Tropiz, Westbury, Savoy). I'm thinking of selling the Windsor and Savoy's as the last just doesn't work for me and because of that I've only worn them a couple times each. Was planning on replacing them with the Nice and Mayfield because they are the same colors and the last work well for my foot. My question to you all is that I'm also looking at the Rothschild in vintage cedar. I'm...
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