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Just rewatched Apollo 13. Some great acting performances in that movie.
that is one reason I feel that people have been too hard on the premiere. Easy for us to see and say what is happening because we have all had the experience of TWD to guide us. But I think in the "real world" so to speak, none of us would be able to explain what is going on because it defy's all logic and science.In fact, I thought the best part of tonight was the scene with the protesters yelling at the police. Very realistic reaction where everyone assumes that they...
good episode. Chris is definitely the new Carl; sulky petulant little bitch.
My biggest regret was that I had a pair of these and I sold them because I felt they were too hard too pull on and off. I'm sure they would have loosened up a bit.
several scenes were extended and a few cut scenes were added. I liked it and didn't think it was lame. What was the original ending?
Yea I thought that too when I saw it. Check the Unrated version of Pitt's film, it's much better.
My buddy and I drove down to LA from Calgary; our first time there. We booked a hotel using a map and didn't realize we were in the heard to Compton. It was pretty bad, the motel front desk was covered in bullet proof glass and there was about 3 cars in the lot and it was a big hotel/motel. Can't remember if it was a Holiday Inn but it definitely was a respectable chain. Anyways, we were there for max 15 min when we saw a drug deal and two tricked out cars meeting in...
I liked it actually! Reminded me of the book World War Z. To be honest, the last few seasons of TWD have become pretty repetitive to me, and I really didn't care for last season. Thought it was poorly written and too many contrived and overacted scenes.
Can you show a link or picture?
They only had a couple G&G on sale anyways. I went back as soon as they went additional 20% off and really didn't see anything
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