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Going back to Tony getting whacked; the tell was that with each person coming in to the diner the bell would chime at the door and you would see the person coming in, then the camera would switch to Tony's view of the person coming in. On that last time we see Tony look up and then from his view it went black.
Meagan is such a victim lol. Each episode someone seems to make Don look better.
need help with that one. Will have to re-watch it as maybe I wasn't paying attention. 1. Does Don know that waitress? 2. Can't remember what happened to Dawn, is she the secretary manager?
I agree. It was entertaining and I felt the ending was classy and perfect.
I actually didn't like it as much. I understand the director's desire just to focus on the timeframe around Selma, it still felt like she tried to do too much, by including but not explaining further some scenes (malcolm x, MLK's infidelities) that she probably shouldn't have included them. As for accuracy, certainly her portrayal of the relationship between MLK and LBJ cast a shadow for me. LBJ did not order Hoover to send a tape to his wife, the march in Selma was...
best movie I've seen in 2014
I'm a big michael connelly fan, I wanted to see that but we can't get it here in Canada.
Just watched A Most Violent Year. Liked it!
He was the director. He was hired by Village Roadshow Productions, who made I Am Legend, Oceans 11, Happy Feet, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Not to mention that the film was financed by that other conservative organization, Warner Brothers.
exactly. Everyone has flaws and I'm sure Chris Kyle wasn't perfect, yet some of the left has to amplify HIS views as political statements and the right rush in to do the opposite. Makes me sick.
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