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They only had a couple G&G on sale anyways. I went back as soon as they went additional 20% off and really didn't see anything
I've dealt with that prick too
For those in New York, Bergdorf Goodman have a black pair of Rothchild's in 9.5e for $730
Can't believe you posted that as I just posted something si,liar in Ballers thread. It reminds me of Hung and Rubicon. Shows that would have been much more successful had they been aired now and not earlier
This really reminds me of How To Make It In America. Liked that show too
First episode that I liked. And finally thought VV was believable
I had a feeling there would be a dramatic mid season ending, like there was in Season One. I actually have been impressed with Taylor Kitsch
Just watched The Iceman. Really good drama and well acted. Michael Shannon was excellent, as were the supporting cast.
I keep comparing that scene where VV fights the samoan looking guy then gets out the plyers with the Season 1 final 8 minutes of the episode where MM goes with the arian nation dudes to rip off the black gang in the hood. The tension of those 8 minutes compared to the "network tv" drama of the VV scene.....it's a shame that both shows have the same name.
that scene where he pushed his assistant when they were looking at the body? Reminded me of some nerd at school getting angry and pushing his friend.
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