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Loved it all except for the last season. It was filmed outside my city (calgary) and a few people I knew were extras in it.
guys, where are you finding all these movies? I'm in Canada and can't see them on netflix or iTunes. I'm assuming everyone is downloading them; what sites do you use?
It's filmed in older parts of the city that I live in (Calgary) and it's quite good. Season 2 is better than Season 1, which was quite good too. You don't have to watch them in order.
I did, because clearly the actor is too young for Vietnam. It was pretty convenient to move it to Afganistan though.
I like him. His first two books were outstanding but this show mirrors the first 6 or 8 books pretty well. I think you'd enjoy them
you read any of Michael Connelly's novels?
Thanks Razl. It's a serious piece! I'm tempted to keep it for myself but it's a bit too long in the body
yes that first one was amazing. So transparent. The 3R had remote control and more power but sonically wasn't as good. The problem you have with the Nait (or Nait2) is that its virtually impossible to fix them now when they go.
After starting to re-watch The Wire for the 100th time I decided to try Friday Night Lights. I'm a TV snob so I was never really interested in watching but i am enjoying this after bingeing the first 5 episodes. Some pretty good acting. Really loved The Wire, The Sopranos, The Night Of, True Detective (season 1).
I had an original Nait, then a Nait 3R/Credo's, and now UnitiQute/Credo's. It was a sneak attack by Igor back then, he wanted more sales and the stats showed that people wanted a system by one maker rather than piece meal. Of course that amp combo you bought was right at the hight of the LP12, and Naim used Linn's speakers for their R and D. So it was a smart business move by Linn.
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