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lol; I come for a month each summer and was there for the crickets.
check out Alpha dog!
loved the ending. Gonna send you a PM.
Manton a few more questions. How old are you and how much do you weigh? How long have you been training for?
lol; I forgot how funny people are here
I just re-watched season one. I hated it the first time round and this is the only time I've re-watched it since it ended. I didn't seem to hate it as much. Of course it wasn't close to The West Wing but it just didn't seem to grate at me as it did the first time.
very classy seller; this is a great deal and will make someone happy.
when I am in LA I always go to Arc Light theater on Sunset to watch a movie. On one of my trips they were premiering Brick and it was me and basically the director's family (who had all chipped in to fund the film). He stood at the front and gave a speech and thanked them and I thought it was a quirky movie but didn't think much of it. Anyways, he went on to direct Looper and of course Gordon-Levitt has done well for himself....
Rewatching Black Rain because of your post. Much better than I remember it. Also enjoy the old NYC scenes at the beginning.
I didn't know that either; and I loved Platoon. I'm a really big fan of that movie.On another note (don't know how to post pics) but enjoying French Connection and the 70's street scenes of NYC.
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