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For me it stopped at 20 pairs of shoes, 20 suits, 10 sportcoats, 15 shirts. Now I actually have started selling the stuff I rarely wear. Though still i have some months where I buy too much. hehe
Quote: Originally Posted by dibenetto .... fusing is so good and easy and predictable and light and wonderful..... Ouch.. No!!
These just kill your shoes. edit: I use these: not expensive at all imo.
Look into the cashmere section, great deals there!!
prices in euro 1. suit - 300 2. shirt - 100 3. pair of pants - 180 4. pair of shoes/boots - 350 5. pair of socks - 17 6. coat - 400 7. tie - 40 8. square - 30 9. odd jacket - 190 0. watch - 250 a. bag - 80 b. pair of cufflinks - 5 c. t-shirt - 5 d. belt - 50
Wow. [Dutch]Geen woorden voor.[/Dutch] Amazing!!!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Great color, Loggia. Price? price on request.. So I think it will be a large number hehe. Been in love with these for quite a while..
you could put it that way I guess hehe
between now and a few months(sadly, i cannot afford the kiton's and brioni's, as I am still a student ) : 1 SB navy pinstripe suit, super 120s, nothing special plain business suit (Soc13ty Shop) 1 SB navy with purple pinstripe super 110s, nothing special plain business suit (Soc13ty Shop) 1 SB grey/white glenplaid super 110s with ticket pocket, (Soc13ty Shop) 1 SB sport coat brown linen, half lined, (McGregor) 1 DB tan pin stripe linen suit (Suit Supply) 1 SB black bold...
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