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It's definitely half canvassed. You're not going to find full canvass for this price range unless you go Benjamin from ehaberdasher and they didn't have my size. I'm pretty short with average/athletic build, 5'7''. I had the jacket shortened along with usual sleeves and pants hemmed. I needed a conservative suit for interviews without being a shapeless blob for around $500 and it fits the bill very well.
I got the Napoli in Navy and am very impressed with it. Great fabric and good fit. FYI - they run a hair large, at least in the napoli cut.
I've gotten pants hemmed and sleeves adjusted by Mr. Conte. I assume his tailoring skills are top notch. He's downtown by water. Google Conte's Custom tailors and it'll come up.
I'm currently debating these choices, except throw in ehaberdasher's suits as well.
When are the new batch of benjamin suits coming in?
Quote: Originally Posted by The Louche Agree. I like their casual clothes a lot, but buying tailoring from a company that isn't - well, a tailoring company - is never a good idea. J. Crew suits are comically trendy, poorly constructed, and have gigantic armholes. For what they charge retail, why not put a little effort into getting something made from a place like MyTailor, or, if you like the whole Mad Men thing, thick As Thieves? I bought a...
Just the suit jacket, not the pants?
As a shorter, 5'7'' young man, I think this suit looks great.
I'll second that. Where are tags that used to be on the bottom of the page?
I second the measurements request.
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